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Reduce Harmful Wastes And Let The PCB Creations Inspire You To Recycle Your Computer Parts

Computers are evolving so fast that we need to discard older parts particularly the PCB or printed circuit boards that happen to be useless at present time. We all know that PCB is made of non-biodegradable materials that can definitely harm the environment. To make it a safe for the environment, artist and designer Steven Rodrig come up with an eco-friendly and artistic designs called the PCB Creations.

Other than using recycled materials, Rodrig also produces zero carbon emission in completing his creations because all of them are completed using different useful hand tools. You might find it tedious to do but Rodrig was able to create numerous designs like the spiders, flies, turtles to a toilet, pair of shoes, bra and more. We do not think that the shoes and bra are comfortable enough for use. Therefore, we think it is safe to say that these creations can be a perfect addition to your futuristic home décor.

PCB Creations
PCB Creations
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