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Acerra Eco Fashion: For Green And Fashionable Way Of Living

Living green can be made possible not only with the things that we are using but also with the clothes that we wear. Eco friendly designer Alessandro Acerra submitted his great works to IGreenSpot for the whole world to see.

Alessandro Acerra commenced a new concept of fashion, through the development of personal interpretation of the definition of recycling and authenticity.

The distinctive features of his fashion line are the fine details, the originality of the design and the quality of the recycled materials. Each t-shirts is made with extreme care and realized in an exclusive way with the artist personal final finishing made by needle. The items are designed, cut out and sewn using different tissues. Alessandro draws the subjects, chooses the materials and paste everything together with his skilful touch.

HIBU collection is ‘eco’ because each piece comes from remnants of famous brands or artigianal sartories. The clothes were once thought to be used by the famous Milan fashion catwalks and then recovered by Acerra, realizing today another art-form with an healthy message inherited. The items are paintings to be worn, they are an expression of luxury, they are at the same time real art work and consumerist objects. In fact you can wear, stain and clean them or simply hang them up to the wall like pictures, as the author himself advises.

AcerraEco Fashion

AcerraEco Fashion

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