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Take Care Of Your Baby And The Environment With TenderCare Chlorine Free Diaper

Disposable diapers similar to TenderCare Chlorine Free Diaper are widely use keep baby clean and dry. Do you know diapers are known to cause harm to our environment? However, this is not the case if you are using the eco-friendly diaper from Earth’s Best, which is chlorine free. Being a chlorine free diaper, TenderCare diaper from Earth’s Best is free from harmful chemicals that could harm not only the environment but your baby too. Other than chlorine, the diaper is also latex-free, perfume-free and dye-free. Just like any other commercial disposable diaper, the TenderCare diaper is also absorbent and due to the absence of different harmful chemicals, it is non-toxic. The eco-friendly features of the diaper does not end with the absence of harmful chemicals but also the use of renewable materials like corn and wheat. [Click here to know more about TenderCare Chlorine Free Diaper]

TenderCare Chlorine Free Diaper

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