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Live Sustainable And Make The FARM Shop Your Inspiration

Having a farm is undoubtedly one of the best eco-friendly acts that we can do to help save the environment, but having it inside our shop like the what we can see in a FARM shop is like a jackpot prize for the environment.

Farm Shop
Farm Shop
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Ego: The Electric Powered Submarine

Exploring the underwater world is fun and exciting. It is a personal contentment to get in touch with the underwater creatures whilst keeping the environment safe as you do it with care to the environment in mind by using the personal electric powered submarine called Ego. This watercraft is designed to keep you face-to-face with fishes and corals without submersing yourself to the water, thus keeping you dry at all time. Using the Ego will not only benefit you but the environment as well for it is electric powered as mentioned. This first compact semi-submarine has user-friendly navigation, thus requires next to zero training to navigate.



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