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Handmade Snow Ski Wine Rack to Display Your Favorite Wine

This is a cool snow ski wine rack that would become a conversation starter. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur or a professional skier to appreciate this beautiful piece. Each wine rack is handmade in Millbury, MA by Michael Bellino and of course using reclaimed skis, that’s why your wine rack might have different colors and patterns. Each one will be unique and different.

Display your wine in a stylish yet eco-friendly way. All those bottles can be stored on their sides to maintain the wine’s integrity. All those reclaimed skis are unique due to weathered from use, it’s a creative way to recycle all those old and unused skis into something that is useful. [CLICK HERE to get more information about this Snow Ski Wine Rack]

Snow Ski Wine Rack by Michael Bellino

Snow Ski Wine Rack by Michael Bellino

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