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Smile Stool: A Collaboration Of Contemporary Design And Indonesian Craftsmanship

With a creative mind, nothing will hinder someone from creating functional and eco-friendly furniture pieces. The Smile Stool prototype is just one of the great examples. Designed by Fitorio Leksono, the Smile Stool is made of waste materials from different wood furniture industry and an embedded rod metal construction. This only shows that the limited availability of bent wood in Indonesia does not hinder them from creating elegant furniture designs. The products leaves Indonesian waste minimized dramatically, thus reducing the then huge waste problem. The process in manufacturing the Smile Stool includes the collecting and selecting of waste. After which, they form the module, join it, embedded the construction and did the finishing process.

Smile Stool

Smile Stool

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Let’s Grow Grass Inside Your House

Put some green in your home or at your office, it can be done by Metaphys. Metaphys is an extraordinary avant-garde design brand, they are trying to mix nature with technology. The green factory is a perfect fusion between nature and contemporary design. It is a frame which is sold with a kit, in which you will find the basics to grow grass. This Japanese brand uses pure lines, as natural as possible and their work matches perfectly in any type of space. It is relaxing, as well as aesthetic.

Urban lifestyle keeps you away from nature, if you miss it, why not try to use this frame? Create your own small lawn over your hi-tech flat.

ultra modern indoor grass gardens

ultra modern indoor grass gardens

ultra modern indoor grass gardens

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