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Recycle Your Old Vinyl Record Through The Change The Record By Paul Cocksedge

Those old vinyl that we think would be an addition to our landfills most like will be another useful items to enhance our music listening experience through the Change The Record by Paul Cocksedge. Change the records is a functional amplifier for your smart phones that is made of discarded vinyl records.

Change the Record Amplifier
Change the Record Amplifier
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S Fahmi Yusoff: Your Dependable Partner In Saving The Environment

Because of climate change, many of us have noticed the abnormalities of our environment particularly the climate and of course the extreme hot weather experienced by people in some part of the globe. Good thing there is Fahmi Yusoff that will surely be our dependable partner in saving the environment.

The Product Description:
With current economic scenario and climate change issues, Bizarreka Design introduced the new design for street kiosk – The EcoKiosk.

This is the new ‘green approached’ design and solution by using and applying the current green technology and method into this kiosk.

The Ecokiosk would become the most cost effective street kiosk for operating SME business and can generate a good revenue for the operators’ business and yet would benefit the world on preventing the current climate change and green issues.



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