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Modernized Nipa Hut by Bonn Tumanda

Tired of the almost monotonous and traditional look of the bamboo gazebo in his hometown, Cebu based designer and a bamboo advocate Bonn Tumanda has decided to redesign and modify this. He wanted it to be streamlined and minimal as possible yet still exudes a warm tropical feel. By replacing the corners with one sexy swoop, it dramatically transforms the typical Nipa hut into a contemporary must have garden piece. Perfect for beachfront gardens and poolside, an ultimate conversation piece and an inviting focal point on anybody’s backyard.

Bamboo is considered to be the most sustainable material in the world. With the harvesting time of only three to five years, this grass was indeed the most sustainable alternative to wood. The designer being an advocate of the material himself, hopes that by this, he could capture the public’s interest into examining bamboo’s beauty and most importantly the environmental impact of this material.

Modernized Nipa Hut by Baikoo Studio

Modernized Nipa Hut by Baikoo Studio

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