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Chopvalue Gives Second Life to Those Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks

We all know Bamboo is the fastest growing wooden grass on earth, chopsticks around the world have taken advantage this renewable material. In Vancouver alone, there are more than 2000 restaurants that use chopsticks, disposable chopsticks to be exact with a lifetime of less than one hour. Chopvalue, a Canada based company, realizes that they can do something to recycle those chopsticks, there are more than 100,000 disposable chopsticks in Vancouver alone sent to the landfill every day. The idea here is to recycle those chopsticks so that restaurants can save money in garbage collection costs as well as improving our environment.

All these bamboo chopsticks waste can be processed to create new developed materials, offering opportunities for small and medium-sized manfucaturers to get involved. Chopvalue gives second life to all those chopsticks, the company has created different kind of furniture and accessories from that material such as coasters, hexagon shelves, tabletop, side table, or tiles.

Recycled Chopstick Products by Chopvalue

Recycled Chopstick Products by Chopvalue

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