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Lap Log Soft Beanbag Tablet Stand Cares For Your Laptop And The Environment

It seems like owning a laptop or tablet these days is a necessity and this obviously harms the environment but not if we are to match this modern electronic gadget with a safe and eco-friendly accessory called Lap Log Soft Beanbag Tablet Stand. Majority of us, kids, teens, and adults these days owns an iPad and we are using it everywhere from the couch to the beach to the park and more. We even love to curl up and relax with our eBook on our bed. However, this practice is claimed unhealthy and dangerous, as this could cause fire if the tablet, eBook, or laptop overheats. To keep this thing from happening without compromising the pleasure of browsing, reading, or playing in our electronic device, Bamboosa comes up with an eco-friendly product called Lap Log. The Lap Log is eco-friendly, a well-made product, and will not flatten or fall apart, which is great. This organic product can hold your iPad, Kindle, Nook, Tablet, and more. Using it is extremely comfortable to use because your can adjust it to your liking for your neck to be comfortable. The lap log weighs a little over a pound making it easy to transport, thus you can have it anywhere you may go. Other than being your eco-friendly tablet stand, the lap log can also works double as your functional travel buddy in the form of a pillow. All you need to do is to remove the wooden insert. [Click here for more information about Lap Log Soft Beanbag Tablet Stand]

Lap Log Soft Beanbag Tablet Stand

Lap Log Soft Beanbag Tablet Stand

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Recycling Vending Machine: Promotes Recycling To Children

When it comes to living the eco-friendly life, designs and ideas are suitable mostly for adults. Have we all forget the saying “children are our future?” Well, maybe no and for designe YunJin Chang, defitniely a NO, as he havedesigned the RCV Recycling Vending Machine, which I see as a child driven design. The RCV is a recycling vending machine that gives away a vitamin candy every time a person or shall we say a child does the recycling. In this way, children will be more invited to recycle and probably live the eco-friendly life, as they surely would love to receive as many vitamin candies as they can.



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Marbelous Table by Tineke Beunder

It’s a table, at first look, but Tineke Beunder didn’t want to create an ordinary table. Take a second look, you’ll see that this table made of maple tree is carved with marble track. The idea is trying to combine the world of adults with the world of the children in a furniture. I always love playing marble shoot, having this wooden table must be so much fun.

marble shoot table

marble shoot eco friendly table

Source : ApartmentTherapy

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