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Modern Morerava Eco Cabins: An Environmentally Sensitive Accommodation In Easter Island

Modern architecture designs come along with earth distracting materials and construction method. Unlike the Modern Morerava Eco Cabins by AATA Associate Architects, this structure has modern designs yet very gentle to the environment. One of the green features that the Modern Morerava Eco Cabins has is the incorporation of prefabricated building techniques and low water and energy needs through the installed solar panels to supply its energy needs and rainwater collecting system for its water needs. In this way, the construction of the structure will not need so much time to complete. In addition to the green features, the placement of the Modern Morerava Eco Cabins is also properly planned to protect the structure’s floor from moisture damage.

Morerava Eco Cabins

Morerava Eco Cabins

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