Stay In An Eco-friendly Airplane Hotel At The Costa Verde Resort

Staying in a glamorous hotel doesn’t need to harm the environment that much. At the Costa Verde Hotel, you can have a beautiful and eco-friendly stay with their featured airplane hotel. It is an amazing two-bedroom hotel set inside a 1965 Boeing 727 aircraft. Placed 50-feet above the beach, you can have a refreshing stay at the airplane hotel overlooking the beach. This wonderful plane hotel has two bedrooms in it, two-bathroom suite, a kitchenette, flat screen TVs, a dining room and a terrace that allows its residents to have an oceanic view. Furnishings that are made of teak and are shipped across the Pacific from Indonesia may not be favorable, but since they are hand carved, they still give respect to the environment.

Airplane Hotel

Airplane Hotel

Airplane Hotel

Airplane Hotel

Airplane Hotel

Source: Costa Verde via Inhabitat


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