Solar Powered Hand Drier and Cleaner

Drying your hands after washing is essential to keep ourselves clean and free from possible danger. If we are already happy with that outcome, we should be happier with the new solar powered drier and cleaner by industrial designers Jiang Qian and Chen Feijun from China. Aside from it being eco-friendly it is also safe for your health because aside from drying, as the name suggests, it will also disinfect your hand making it free from germs and eventually keeps you safe from possible harm. The elegant design adds up the benefit that one can have in this economical and health conscious hand drier and cleaner.

Solar Powered Drier And Cleaner

Solar Powered Drier And Cleaner

Solar Powered Drier And Cleaner

Source: Ecofriend


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  • Is this product real yet, and if so where can it be purchased?

    • Unfortunately, it's only concept.

      • I hope you can make a working model. I think it would sell well.

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