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The Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter Will Help You Save Trees

Most of the time, coffee filters are made of paper and disposable, unlike the Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter, that is refillable, therefore, it will reduce the production of paper-made coffee filter. We all know that paper is sourced from trees and without the tree, soil erosion will most likely to increase.

You might wonder why you should buy the Ecopad. Below are a few of the reasons:

• The ecopad is dishwasher safe. This means that after using, you can use it again after have it cleaned in your dishwasher.
• It only uses ground coffee.
• It is an eco-friendly product.
• It has the ability to preserve the rich creamy foam of your coffee.
• Most of all, it is an improved version of the blue ecopad that has been discontinued.

[Click here for more details about Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter]

Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter
Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter

Just keep in mind though that you should have the senso machine with models starting from #HD781 because the Ecopad has been designed especially for this machine, therefore will only work on it.

Now if you are a coffee lover and want to enjoy a cup of coffee every time you want, whilst keeping the environment safe, the Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter works best for you. With this product in your kitchen, not only that you can save the money which is supposed to be used to buy paper coffee filters but also you are able to help reduce the need of cutting down trees  just to produce papers for various purposes including the making of the paper coffee filter. So, if you are into saving the environment but do not want to compromise your love for coffee, the Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter is the thing you should own now. [Click here for more details about Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter]

Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter

Recycle Your Water Bottle, Use 321 Water

Bottled water can be bought everywhere and normally people use to throw their used water bottle causing it to add up to mountains of landfills we have. The 321 Water is now here to eliminate the practice of throwing away used water bottle. The 321 Water is reusable water bottle that has a built-in water filter to improve the taste of tap water. Thus, it reduces the need of mass consumption for bottled water and eventually reduces waste, fossil fuel usage and CO2 emission during the production and transportation of the bottles. The 321 Water is still a prototype, but I will definitely own one if this will be available in the market already.

321 Water

321 Water

Source: Index Award

The 2F Folding Chair, Perfect for House With Small Space

Folding or foldable chairs are just the only solutions we have with our common problem today, which is the space. Everything foldable is the bestsellers for those who are living in place with limited space that is why the 2F chair is created. Aside from it being foldable that definitely saves space, it also has the ability to change into different colors overnight. What is more about this chair, is that it is manufactured as small as possible that will obviously keep the chair save from space. In addition, it also has a sleek design that is attractive and trendy that is prefect for any contemporary home worldwide.

2F Folding Chair

Source: Creadesign

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