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Barney New York’s LEED Certified Building

Barney New York has recently opened its seven-floor, 90,000 square-feet LEED certified building. This only means that numerous companies are no doing their part in helping to save the environment. This new space of Barney New York is a good example. Aside from it being LEED certifies, Barney’s new space is also using a plant-laden “green” roof that has the ability to absorb heat for a more natural fresh feeling without the need to use for an air-conditioning system. The buildings thermal glass exterior and a penthouse that houses Fred’s restaurant are one of the building’s highlights making it not only and eco-friendly building but a sure tourist attraction as well.

Barneys LEED Building

Source: Men Style

EDAG Light Concept Car

Geneva car show 2009 has presented various car designs that truly let the eyes of the auto show guests drool. Included to those elegant and sleek cars introduces in the show is the EDAG Light Concept Car. The car concept is electric powered thus reduces CO2 emission production and offers less harm to the environment. In addition, the car is made from basalt fiber, and a strong and yet an inexpensive alternative to carbon fiber. Another great feature the car has is its recyclable user-configurable organic LEDs for a wonderful look to both the headlamps and the interior. The EDAG Light car’s Lithium-Ion battery has the ability to last about 100 miles.

EDAG Light Car

Source: Business Week

The Original Tree Swing: Fun And Eco-friendly

It is refreshing and relieving to have strong connection with the environment. The Original Tree Swing is a tool for outdoor fun that will let your connect with nature. As you swing under the tree, you will get refreshed as the cool breeze of summer touches your skin. Other than that, the Original Tree Swing is handmade and uses materials that are sustainable sourced. Makers of the original tree swing are in connection with Wood from the Hood that reclaims woods otherwise they will be destined to dumpsites. With products like this, keeping the environment safe will be a lot easier. In addition, you get to have fun in an eco-friendly way.

Tree Swing

Source: The Original Tree Swing

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