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5 Simple Changes to Make Your House Look Greener

There are plenty of ways to make your house look clean and greener. It doesn’t matter that how many people reside in your home. It doesn’t even matter that what is the size of your home. Either your house is small or big. What matters is how your house looks and how it affects you and others residing in your house.

It is very necessary to make your house look clean and greener because it has a direct impact on your health. One should keep in mind that facing illness is the main trouble caused due to carelessness in house cleanliness. If you keep your house clean you will you will get rid of many dangerous diseases. Apart from diseases, you will also get rid of poor and congested infrastructure. Here are some ways, through which, you can keep your house look greener.

5 Simple Changes to Make Your House Look Greener

1. Good and reliable Interior
Indoor material must be of good quality like windows,doors, cupboards etc. These things play an important role to clean the house.Doors and cupboards must be of high quality wood. Aluminum windows must be used. You must use best quality paints for walls, doors, windows and cupboards.

2. Using wider windows and doors for cross ventilation.
Oxygen is a necessary element to live alive. For healthy life, windows and doors must be wide and must usually be kept open at least for 15 hours a day, for cross ventilation, as cross ventilation of air makes you fresh and healthy.

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DIY Ferris Wheel Toy Made Out of Recycled Material

Toys need not to be expensive for our kids to enjoy and this DIY Ferris Wheel Toy Made Out of Recycled Material that we will feature today will make you think again with your decision in buying toys for your tots. Yes! It would be a great relief and some sort of achievement for us parents if we were able to buy our kids the newest and probably the most expensive toy we can afford for them. However, would it be even better if we were able to give our tots the same fun and excitement playing the new toy they have while developing the artistic side of them and most of all able to help save the environment through recycling used items as main materials?

DIY Ferris Wheel Toy Made Out of Recycled Material
DIY Ferris Wheel Toy Made Out of Recycled Material

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It’s All About The (Eco) Bubbles!

The Samsung Eco bubble is one of the biggest innovations since sliced bread. By mixing water, air and detergent, bubbles are generated in the washing machine before your wash starts. The bubbles create foam to cushion your clothes causing the detergent to fully and evenly penetrate right through to the fibres. It’s 40 times faster than concentrated liquid, and ensures the wash gets going as soon as possible for a quicker and more efficient clean.

This washing machine can get the same results as a 40°C wash at just 15°C, helping to save 70% energy in the process. This is because the water doesn’t need to get up to a high temperature, as your detergent starts to work on dirt and stains immediately. So, your clothes are hygienically washed more efficiently, saving you money.

Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

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The Envirocycle Original Composter Made Composting Easy And Fun

Composting at home especially if we have the tool like the Envirocycle Original Composter is just one of the greatest things we can do for our environment. It will not only reduce waste but also we can have the compost used for our garden and the like.

Composting has never been easy with the envirocycle composter because it has the rotating drum that is capable of rotating on its own base so you don’t need to turn it up with your pitchfork or any other tool you have.

You can make compost for your entire home garden at once with this unit because it has enough space inside, thus can hold plenty of your composting materials. Other than the useful compost, the composter also produces liquid or composting tea filling its base. You can then use this liquid to water your potted plants, herbs, and etc. [Click Here for more info about the Envirocycle Original Composter]

Envirocycle Original Composter

Envirocycle Original Composter

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Save Huge Amount Of Paper With The Little Printer From Berg

You will never waste papers with those unread newspaper pages again the moment you will have the Little Printer from Berg. As its name suggests, Little Printer is a cute thermal printer in a shape of a cube with a pair of feet and a lovely face.

This cute cube-shaped printer is cloud powered and will print a personalized mini-newspaper for you. Other than newspaper, it will also print your favorite puzzle and the like. After you have read your printed content or puzzle, or have printed out your schedule or list, you can have it stick on your ref or board, keep it in your wallet or share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Little Printer
Little Printer
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A DIY Recycled Floppy Disk Penholder

Recycled Floppy Disk penholder is part of DIY project “how to make things from waste material”. Gone are the days when floppy disks are the king of removable data storage. Today, many of them are tossed to landfills, thus adds up to the mountain of landfills we have, which is not a good thing to happen for the environment. To minimize the waste created by those old floppy disks, we will present to you an easy to follow DIY floppy disk recycling project.

In this project, we will be making a stylish penholder out of your old floppy disks.

Things you need:
5 pieces – 3.5” floppy disks
5/32 drill bit
Zip ties
Piece of wood

Recycled Floppy Disk Penholder
Recycled Floppy Disk Penholder
1. Drilling Holes
On the top part of the disk, you will see a dimple next to the metal slider. Here is where you will drill holes in four of your 5 floppy disks. These four disks will then create the four sides of the penholder. Now, for the fifth disk, which will serve as the bottom part of the holder, you will then drill a hole above the dimple of the disk.

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Eco Gift Ideas

When you feel like you run out of gift ideas for your loved ones, simply look around you, give attention to those things that you seldom use or considered as junk already. If you cannot think of the right gift for you loved one yet, take this wonderful swing created by a person named Stephen who uses his collection of tote bag and made a soft cushion from it as a sample. His lover loves it so much because not only it is cute and useful but also because the man he loved personally makes it. You too can show your love to your partners without the need to spend so much money. In this way, you have also helped minimized waste and saved the environment.


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