Damda Floating Candle by Jinwoo Han

It’s not yet Christmas time, but designer Jinwoo Han has already created a beautiful Christmas décor that is not only attractive in design but is also a sustainable one. This solar powered Christmas décor can also be a personalized one because buyers can put their personal message on the Damda floating candle and the message will be visible at nighttime. When fully charged, the Damda has the ability to last up to11 hours. The moment the sponge has already absorbed enough water, the bottom part of Damda’s body will be detached making it to be installed on the water. This cute lovely solar powered floating candle will be available in Milan this coming Christmas season.

Damda Floating Candle

Damda Floating Candle

Damda Floating Candle

Damda Floating Candle

Source: Jinwoo Han via Design Blog

Slingshot: A Fun Classic Toy

It is sad to see that kids of today’s generation are already into computer games, RC toys, and other battery operated toys, which we all know that consume a huge amount of energy or electricity before it can fully give pleasure to its users. That is why, the moment I see a sling shot being features, it immediately catches my attention. It is a fun toy for boys and it will never destroy the environment since, you don’t need to use gas or electricity to use it. What made with today’s featured slingshot by Christopher Jarratt, is of it being handmade from found tree branch in Epping Forest England. Thus, this is an eco-friendly product from start to finish.


Bold: Your Spacious Eco-friendly Cardboard Chair

Cardboard can be used in various purposes. You can have it as your simple yet presentable packaging, storage, and a lot more. Today, I am going to present to you a wonderful creation made from cardboard. Hailed as theBold, this one of a kind chair has the small letter B look when viewed from the right side and small letter D when viewed from the left. Whatever letter you may see in this wonderful chair, what’s important is the usage of cardboard to complete it. As a cardboard, this sustainable material is high biodegradable thus, will not do any harm to the environment.



Source: Sanserif

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