Grow Ivies In Your Home And Let’em Carpet The Floors And Climb Up The Walls

A razilian designer Duda Carvalho submitted an eye-catching and eco-friendly creation to IgreenSpot. Hailed as IVY, this seating solution is made of sustainable and recyclable materials Paineira, a silk-cotton tree that is abundant in Brazil.

IVY Seat

IVY Seat

From Duda Carvalho:

IVY is an attractive nature-friendly low seating system made up of leaf-shaped floor cushions that can be interweaved together to compose a comfy “leafy” clustering for sitting, leaning or lying.

They are made out of chenille in green or earthy shades and stuffed with paina, a sustainable fibre, an odourless, soft and resilient cotton-like material in the raw, stemmed from the fruit of Paineira, a silk-cotton tree, native of Brazil .

I was inspired to create IVY by the creeping weeds growing uncontrollably thick and scattered all over my garden and the way it felt so good to me when I sat on and back into them; such a special feel I strove to impart to this particular design.

IVY Seat

IVY Seat

IVY Seat

Source: Duda Carvalho


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