Art Exhibition Pieces Made From Waste

An exhibition is happening at the Global Environment Information Center or GEIC in Tokyo, Japan and the masterpieces in the said exhibition are made of pigments, felt, nonflammable cloth, fluorescent lights, acrylic cases and more. With the materials used, the exhibition is called “Is This Waste?” Investigating the possibilities of using waste or rejected material is Tokyo Wonder. Panelists whom works are also featured in the exhibit are Fuji Hiroshi, Ohmaki Shinji, and Yodogawa Technique. Art pieces include the Echoes Infinity by Ohmaki Shinji, Chinu The Black Sea Bream of Osaka Bay by Yodogawa Technique, and the Happy Flower by Hiroshi Fuji.

Is This Waste Eco-Art

Is This Waste Eco-Art

Is This Waste Eco-Art

Source: Tokyo Wonder via Designboom


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  • Sir,
    i m teacher by profession. its nice to c your beautiful thins made.
    Please give me some ideas/tips about it i want to share with my students of class VII.

  • hii sir
    i m a student of multimedia. n ur work is very nice cn u suggest me some work like this m a new student so cn u help if yes thn plz contact wd me on my email

    • hi sir im a student of microbiology.ur work is nice……..

  • hello sir!

    i m a student…….i am in a green brigade club…v have decided to grow plants and many other activities like making of decorative things from waste things etc……so i want some good ideas which a student of class 9-11 could do……….plz help us. u can contact me wd my email………..
    Thank You……. 😀


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  • great work

  • this is fab

  • Hi sir,i m a student,..i want biological oriented art from waste,..plz hlp me,..

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