Gadgets Recycle

Paper Take-out Speaker: A Perfect Eco-gift

When buying something like food from our favorite food chain or restaurant for take-out, packagings are normally discarded and eventually adds up to the piles of landfills that we already have. However, with Justin Kakobson’s design called the paper take-out box speaker, our landfills will be minimized dramatically. The said project comes with a small …

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Design and Concept Recycle

Pirch: An Eco-friendly Serving Ware

Elegant serving ware are not made of first hand materials at all times and designer Nicanor Santillan has proved it with his eco-friendly design called as the Pirch, an eco-friendly serving ware. The Pirch is made from a 100% reclaimed wood and has the elegant design the will allow this eco-serving ware to create a …

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Pinzon Contemporary Arm Dining Chair

Contemporary and green design is great if they are collaborated in one unique and useful product. The Pinzon Contemporary Arm Dining Chair is a one perfect example the said product that I am talking about. Made of naturally grown abaca, there is no wonder that this modern dining chair is environmentally friendly. In addition, it …

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Cars and Transportation Design and Concept

Peugeot+, Smaller and Safer

Another space saver, hybrid prototype has been designed and will soon be on our busy streets. From the idea of designer David Vargas, who designed the three-wheel eco vehicle for Peugeot Design, the prototype was called the Peugeot+. This chic looking two-seater vehicle uses a smaller electric engine compared to most cars of the same …

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