Bionic Arch Is A Sustainable Tower In Taipei, Taiwan

As part of raising awareness for climate change, Taiwan now has the new landmark of sustainability with the presence of the Bionic Arch, a sustainable tower in Taipei, Taiwan. The project is hosted and sponsored by the city government of Taichung and boasts of its numerous eco-friendly features making it a sustainable building.

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Turncoat: Handmade Cover For Your iPad

We can still be earth friendly albeit we are into our latest technology gadgets. Of course, these gadgets produce carbon emission and uses electricity to function. Technically, we are contributing so much to climate change with high carbon footprint. In a way, we can still help save the environment despite of our desire to use …

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Was There Such a Thing as Sustainable Shopping?

People are now becoming more aware of the climate change the world is currently experiencing. Many sustainable ideas are coming out, and now this sustainable shopping thing? The idea for sustainable shopping was developed through studying shopping patterns, informational needs, and psychological aspects. This handheld device will now compare nutritional values and the sustainability of …

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