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Starry Night Solar Stake Brings Gogh’s Starry Nigt to Live

Have you ever seen Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night masterpiece? If you have, then you know the breathtaking glimpse of wonder in our starlit sky. Stephen Kitras, a professional glassblower, has crafted a cool glass globe that brings the magic of Gogh to life, in your garden to be exact. Using his artistry, Kitras draws upon painting’s nocturnal palette and captures that swirling of paint in textured glass. This Starry Night Solar Stake would look awesome at night, it doesn’t even use electricity, it is solar powered.

Once the evening falls, the magic happens. The solar powered light would illuminate the glass globe, creating awesome light in your garden or perhaps the pathway to your front door. Handmade in Canada, Kitras aims to produce affordable glass art objects to bring beautiful things around our home. [Click here to get more details of this Starry Night Glass Globe Stake]

Starry Night Solar Stake for Garden

Starry Night Solar Stake for Garden

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