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Mast : An Eco-friendly Humidifier By Okada

On cold season, humidifier is on demand especially on places with dry air around. However, using a humidifier generally adds up the carbon footprints and will eventually cause trouble to the environment. With the aim to provide moisture without harming the environment, eco-friendly designer Okada created the Mast, an eco-friendly humidifier. What the Mast made an eco-friendly product is its ability to produce humid are without the use of electricity. To keep the Mast working, one will put water on the boat portion of it. Made from scrap parts of the seed of cypress and with the fragrance of Hodoyoi natural moisture, the Mast also has the look the mimics a floating yacht making it a good home décor item as well.

Mast Humidifier

Mast Humidifier

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Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes From Seventh Generation

Living green is getting easier each day. If many of the fashion designers, architects, industrial designers, and more have designed numerous eco-friendly design to keep our environment and life better, today, even the product manufacturers are also into green products already. Just like this wonderful and safe eco-friendly baby wipes from Seventh Generation. This chlorine free baby wipes keeps your baby’s skin safe and healthy while keeping the environment from harm. It also contains Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and water that provide natural moisture and it does not contain any alcohol or fragrances. With this product, we keep or baby’s skin free from harmful ingredients while saving the environment at the same time. [Click here to get details information about Seventh Generation Baby Wipes]

Eco-friendly Baby Wipes

Eco-friendly Baby Wipes

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