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Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb: Lets Your Baby And The Environment Relieved

Seeing our kids, sound asleep and relieved at night is rewarding as parents but with Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb, we are not only making our kids feel relieved but the environment too. Lampshades provide warm and relaxing illumination allowing our kids to sleep soundly. This sail away lamp from Bedtime Originals will not only provide warm illumination but also completes the nautical theme of your kids’ room. The lamp features a plaid patterned shade and cute sailboat with sails on the lamp base.

Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb

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The Repurposed Library Will Make You Love Books

With the popularity of the internet and other electronic devices, traditional books are started to become a thing of the past, which eventually inspires designer Lisa Occhipinti to create the Repurposed Library.

Repurposed Library
Repurposed Library
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The Urban Log Collection: Gives New Life To Urban Trees

Renewing our urban trees and giving them a new life is a good of saving the environment. Instead of using these trees are firewood or sending them to waste, which eventually lead to constant growth of landfills, renewing them and using them into a new purpose will not only save the environment and our trees but will definitely bring new look to our homes like the Urban Log Collection. The Urban Log Collection from Dei Studio is made from renewed log and form into a stylish and eco-friendly table base, chair leg, and a lamp base. With the normal unique form and texture of the urban trees, each piece of the collection is guaranteed different from each other.

Urban Log Collection

Urban Log Collection

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