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Mater Gymnasium Oak Wood Edition: Eco-friendly And Stylish Home Furniture

Home furniture and accessories made of wood are elegant enough to be in our home. However, isn’t it more heartwarming if you have elegant and eco-friendly furniture at home? The Mater Gymnasium Oak Wood edition will make it happen for you. Made of hardwood that is sustainably sourced, the Mater Gymnasium Oak Wood edition is of no doubt can be hailed as an eco-friendly one. In addition, this furniture piece from Mater Design is stylish enough with its colorful legs. Looking at the pictures, I find it a perfect dresser for you and your kids whatever your home interiors maybe.

Gymnasium Home Furniture

Gymnasium Home Furniture

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Drops: An Eco-friendly Vases

How I wish I can be as artistic those designers who were able to create one great artistic, modern and useful item out of recycled items. The Drops is just a few of the products I truly admire. This one of a kind drop shaped vases are made of recycled paper and sand. They all come in different sizes and colors, thus you can easily find one that will fit your home interiors. The best part of it is that, the Drops are waterproof. Adding to the elegant look of the vases is the mahogany cut offs that are waxed and polished.


Source: Ceylon Paper Pottery

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