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Antro Solo : A Hybrid Car with Pedals

Car companies are consistent in creating eco friendly cars. We have talked so much about the hybrid cars. This time around, let us make ourselves familiar with this Antro Solo car, not just a hybrid car but it also has a pedal. The Antro Solo car, seats three McLaren F1 style, and weighs less than 600 pounds. It also has an impressive 100mpg and can run 87mph. The Antro Solo is built out of carbon fiber and composites that made it weigh low. Its engine is a gas-electric hybrid, and it has a large array of roof-mounted photocells that can charge the battery to extend the EV range. But if the sun goes down, passengers can now start peddling. Sound funny, but yes the Antro Solo comes with pedals.

antro solo

antro solo

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