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Mediterranee Suede Capsule Collection from Veja

This February the Veja Mediterranée sails into the SS12 collection with an all-new suede style, Mediterranee Suede Capsule Collection. A blend of the classic boat-shoe and a contemporary sneaker the Veja Mediterranée Suede is crafted from ecological materials; acacia tanned leather form the uppers and laces, with wild Amazonian rubber comprising the soles. Nice colorful looking shoes!

The Veja Mediterranée is available now at Present, London and Centre Commercial, Paris.

Mediterranee Suede Capsule Collection from Veja

Mediterranee Suede Capsule Collection from Veja

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LOW: Provides An Eco-friendly Bar Atmosphere

We have seen many used cardboards destined to our landfills. Even though, we all know that it decomposes fast enough, it would still be nice to hear various creations out of recycled cardboard. Low is another great creation by Pedro Campos Costa, where he was able to create an eco-friendly bar out of recycled cardboards called Low.

Press Release:
In times of crisis and in need of changing, the bar/store “Low reduce, recycle, reuse”, tries new ways to warm up the afternoons in Bairro Alto, proposing sustainable solutions. In fact, It wants to be a place where materials are available and that sells designer items, made of ecological materials or only recycled. At the same time, It’s a place where people meet and that proposes, in a very informal way, events, conferences, talking sessions, promotions and discussions on sustainable subjects.

The Low space, projected and created by Pedro Campos Costa, consists of a big movable bench that has only be made of paperboard with no gluing, and can be adjustable along one of the perimetric wall of this place. The bench, in a sort of metamorphosis, where the rhythm and the space between the paperboard plates constantly grows, becomes a bar leaning area, but also a show shelf. The “false ceiling”, created of tightened cord yarns, gives you in any case the impression of “breathing” and It does not obstruct your field of vision.

The rest of the bar/store is projected to highlight the movable bench of paperboard. That’s the reason why the interior space has been painted in black (slate-grey color) and only the back side of the bar and the interior room – used as Remade Portugal’s showroom- have been painted in a very strong yellow. The intention is that of giving a chromatic contrast and different dynamics to spaces with different functions.

Remade Portugal, associated to Low store in Bairro Alto, uses design items, created by Architects, designers and creative artists. The items are made, more or less at 50%, of materials that come from recycling. It’s Recycling of pre-consume –reuse of industrial waste- and recycling of post-consume –reuse of packing and domestic waste picked up in ecoplaces-.

The rest of the furniture, also designed by the Architect Petro Campos Costa, is totally made of paperboard with no gluing. The tables, the sofa and the stools, are sold on demand, even if they are catalogued and the patterns can be also personalized or custom-made.



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Ecobag: Allows You To Save The Environment Without Compromising Style

When sending gifts to our love ones, bags and wrappers are generally discarded and will obviously add up to the mountains of landfills we already had. To help minimize the growth of landfills, many of us do the recycling. The Ecobag by Paulo Amendoeria is just one of the products that will help people save the environment. Made from ecological materials, the Ecobag also has the decent look that everyone would surely love to keep handy. In this way, people can get fashionably trendy without the fear of destroying the environment. The eco-bag is definitely the perfect gift bag for people who wants to help save the earth in their own simple way.


Source:Paulo Amendoeria

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