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Arbor Chair: A DIY Chair For Your Eco-home

Creating our own eco-friendly furniture is hard. If your think like me, we must then think a million times again. The Arbor Chair is can eco-friendly chair that is under the Panton DIY art object name. To have your own, stylish yet eco-friendly home furniture piece, you need to have a Panton chair picture, a tree, and your DIY tools. Following the Panton Chair, you can now start carving your tree and eventually manufacturing your genuine outdoor or cottage furniture piece. Provided you have sustainably sourced your tree for your chair, then you definitely are going to have the eye-catching eco-friendly piece of furniture.

Arbor Chair

Arbor Chair

Arbor Chair

Source: Peter Jakubik

Duracell Recycling Mailer By Frank Rauss

Eco-friendly packaging is now becoming widespread to manufacturers. The Duracell Recycling Mailer is one of the great examples the many lovely and eco-friendly packaging that we have today. The Duracell Recycling Mailer has an embedded barcode that contains all the shipping information and the prepaid fees for the battery to be shipped. This packaging is also designed to have equal dimensions for a more efficient and cost-effective printing and fabrication. This design can be a little bit common and the impact is not that huge, but at least it does something great to the environment even on its very small way.

Duracell Recycling Mailer

Source: Frank Rauss

Live In a Green House through the Zenkaya Ecohome

Design and comfort is the first thing that comes in our minds when it comes to choosing a home and the environment is the least one to be considered. However, this will never be a mistake again when you choose to have the Zenkaya Ecohome. These ready-made houses have highly insulated wall panels and excellent quality finishes. Zenkyaya has the quality every people need to give his or her families the most comfortable shelter as possible. When your chose to order the Zenkaya, you will surely enjoy and love it up to the moment you live in it. Zenkaya’s design is based on core sustainable principles and all the materials used are recyclable when needed.

Zenkaya Ecohome

Zenkaya Ecohome

Zenkaya Ecohome

Zenkaya Ecohome

Source: Zenkaya

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