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Smart Home End Tables by Scrapile

Green Products can now be seen everywhere, from private homes, to business establishments and even to our busy streets, green or eco-friendly products are present. Right now, I will introduce to you another green product that is perfect for your homes. It is an end table called the Smart Home End Tables created by Scrapile. Even though it is made from high-end scrap wood, the furniture looks as if they are made from first hand materials. The scrap woods are smoothly finished with natural shades that form as an artistic design of the product. The Smart Home End Tables are perfect to any contemporary homes.

Smart Home End Tables

Source: 360 SEE

Sanya Skypump: An Eco-friendly Charger For Electric Vehicles

Knowing an eco-friendly source of energy to power and eco-friendly car is like a winning the jackpot prize in a game or sweepstakes. The New Sanya Skypump works like a jackpot for the environment and to for those who have the desire to live the eco-friendly life and help save the environment from the harm caused by air pollution and the like. The Sanya Skypump is a solar and wind-powered charger for electric vehicle. The electric vehicle alone is a huge contribution to keeping the environment safe. If you were to add the sustainable charger to it, it is already a jackpot to all of us.

Sanya Skypump
Sanya Skypump

Source: GE Industrial Solutions via Inhabitat

Aquarius, Solar Powered Irrigation Control System

An intelligent irrigation control system is what we can call of the Aquarius, because it has the ability to detect humidity of soil at different levels, through its sensors attached to its shaft. In addition to that, the Aquarius can adjust its water flow depending on the soil, crop, weather conditions, and yes it is solar powered. With this feature, agriculturists will now have the right water supply that they need and will now able to prevent their massive use of water using the traditional irrigation system. On the other hand, the Aquarius has an attractive design that will make their farm a bit futuristic.

aquarius sprinklers

aquarius sprinklers

via YankoDesign

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