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Recyclable USB Drive from EarthDrive

We were amazed hearing this recyclable USB drive available in the market today. The EarthDrive is a flash memory drive that allows each users the ability to maximize their ability to recycle and help save the earth. The physical appearance of the EarthDrive is very fashionable and attractive. In addition to that, the product is easy to use. The EarthDrive has a unique and exclusive ATP feature and is a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and ESD (electro-static-discharge) proof. Using the EarthDrive makes you an eco-friendly, fashionable and tech gadget enthusiast at the same time. We cannot wait to own one of the EarthDrive available in the market.

earth drive recyclable usb drive

Source : EarthDrive

Fashionable Bags Made Of Recycled Fire Hose Gear

Being fashionable takes a lot of money and time looking for the classy, fashionable products that will fit the kind of lifestyles we wanted. This time around, these will never the issue anymore with the elegant and fashionable bags they made out of recycled fire hose. It is so nice to hear that after saving people from hazardous and deadly fire, the fire hoses can now also save the environment in a fashionable way. One can have a beautiful tote bags, messenger bag, and even wallet. Makers of these items Elvis and Kresse Organization even donated 50% of their profits from these products to the Fire Fighter Charity.

Recycled Fire Hose Products

Recycled Fire Hose Products

Recycled Fire Hose Products

Source: Elvis & Kresse Organization via The Chic Ecologist

Let Your Home Save And Collect Power With The Smart Energy Glass

With the aim to make our homes as green as possible, we tend to chose those homes with designs that allows natural sunlight to come-in to minimize the use of energy for lighting purposes during daytime, which is achievable with large windows. However, collecting sunlight and transforming it into a useful electricity is another form of saving energy and the environment. Today, designers from Peer+ come up with an innovative concept that combines normal lighting from sunlight and collecting solar energy through its eco-friendly product called Smart Energy Glass because the glass does the incorporation of a normal window and a solar panel.

Smart Energy Glass

Source: Peer+ via Freshome

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