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Folding Stool from Cardboard

Made of corrugated cardboard, this new flat mate-folding stool is designed by Austrian designer Sonja Vrbovszky. It is super portable that is very useful for people on the go. This stool is only 3cm thick and is available for use in a snap of a finger. The flat-mate folding stool will also be of big help when you ran out of seats during gatherings and parties. This inexpensive stool can be stores anywhere and doesn’t need to have a large space since it is a folding one. This corrugated flat-mate folding stool is also recyclable which made it more useful.

folding stool cardboard

Gorgeous Accessories Made of Recycled Subway Maps

Accessories like handbags and table napkin holder are good. However, it could be even better if made of recycle materials. The accessories I am talking about are now available for purchase at a very affordable price. These pope-eyeing items are made of recycled subway maps. We only don make people happy with the design, but saved the earth from possible harm these subways maps may created if being thrown away. Available at prices of more or less $38, it is not bad at all. The products are cute and hip, that will make you trendy and fashionable. In addition the products are perfect for everyday use.

Recycled Subway Maps

Recycled Subway Maps

Recycled Subway Maps

Source: Great Green Goods and Ecoist

Wintery Blue Soft Circular Rattle: A Safe And Eco-friendly Rattle For Our Little Angel

When it comes to our babies, we parents always want to apply safety first at all times. As the baby grows, time comes that they will need a good pair of teeter for them to bite when their teeth start to show up. With our desire to have only safe items for our kids to play or bite, we have unending efforts of looking for safe rattles and the wintery blue soft circular rattle is definitely of the safest rattles I have found. It is not only safe for our babies, as tested and passed the new CPSIA toy safety laws but also, the wintery blue soft circular rattle is safe to the environment. It is made of crocheted soft cotton yarn and is dishwasher safe.

Wintery Blue Soft Circular Rattle

Wintery Blue Soft Circular Rattle

Source: Pinkhouse

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