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Robotikits – Eco Friendly Toys for Kids

Being aware of our nature is good, however, it be even better if it will start in childhood. Let us all give our children the chance of being eco friendly at an early age by giving them this super cute solar-powered toys called the robotikits. It consists of three mini solar kits including the super solar racing car, frightened grasshopper and the happy hopping frog. These three mini solar kits are very easy to assemble and demonstrate alternative energy principle. All are solar powered meaning; they run on sunlight and does not need batteries to power them on which is a big advantage.


Source : Educational Innovations

The Eco-friendly Vessel: A Presentable Vessel That Make Use Of Natural Resources

Making use of our natural resources is the renowned best way to help save the environment. It reduces carbon emission if we opt to use solar energy, wind energy and the like. It also reduces the growth of landfills if chose to recycle things. The Eco-friendly vessel is a sustainably designed vessel that makes use the sugar cane residue or bagasse. The product has numerous green effect to the environment, as the bagasse is the cleaner substitute to plastic and Styrofoam. In addition, it is renewable and fully biodegradable. With this product, sugar cane residue will no longer be destined to our landfills, but rather are used for a better purpose.

Eco-friendly Vessel

Eco-friendly Vessel

Eco-friendly Vessel

Eco-friendly Vessel

Source: Christopher Carbone

The Shape of Wood Monacca Creation by Takumi Shimamura

Monacca is the trial in which a modern person looks back upon the past and reproduces a present-day product by using materials from that era. Monacca’s product is based on the shape of wood. They plan to inherit this tree culture through a new form and new process with an eye toward the future.

takumi shimakura kaku briefcase light color

Kaku briefcase

wooden lamp and purse

Lamp and purse

wooden calculator by takumi shimakura


eco friendly fujitsu laptop concept

Environmentally Friendly Fujitsu Laptop Concept

takumi shimakura wooden backpack and zabuton

Backpack and zabuton

takumi shimakura kaku briefcase dark color

Kaku briefcase in black

Designer : Monacca via Core77

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