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Love Chocolate, Love The Environment, And Use The Slide Out Packaging!

Eating chocolate are really inevitable especially those people who have sweet tooth. With the current style of chocolate packaging, the empty spaces are seen first and eventually made an unwanted impression to the consumers that’s why the Slide Out packaging was born. This eco-friendly packaging is made of type B fiberboard that made the pack sturdy enough. The slide out’s concept answers the issue of empty spaces on the racks when the products are gone or sold out, for the fireboard is has uses a low friction factor so that the product can slide easily out of the box. When using the Slide Out, plastic packaging is not needed anymore that made it an eco-friendly one.

Slide Out Packaging

Slide Out Packaging

Slide Out Packaging

Source: SCA Packaging

Waterfront Design with Eart Friendly Technologies from Foster+Partners

Foster with partners presented their new development proposal for the Italian seafront to connect the town and waterfront. The proposal promises to enhance the green-minded plan of this vacation spot. Rimini already has existing boulevards, and Foster’s proposal is not only for a specific building, but also for the whole development that comprises the building and a new seafront that connects to Rimini’s boulevards. The proposal will be using current earth friendly technologies like the rainwater collection and solar photovoltaics. And not just that, the proposal plans to establish a long term environmental strategy for the city. If this proposal of Foster and Partners will come into reality, it will surely be a hot spot for travelers.

waterfront design for rimini

waterfront design for rimini

From the source :

Foster + Partners presented designs for a new waterfront development in Rimini. Revealed at a public presentation to the City last week, the proposal is designed to strengthen the relationship between the town centre and the seafront and to create a year-round attraction for an international tourist industry.

The scheme comprises a new seafront promenade with a mix of related activities and public spaces including a hotel tower, which will extend Rimini’s historic beach culture and continue the existing urban grain. The project celebrates Rimini’s tradition of green boulevards, best characterised by the Via Vespuci. The waterfront will be pedestrianised at certain times and will link directly to a linear public park – or green spine – which will provide much needed shade during the hotter months. This currently links the seafront to the historic city and will be enhanced with improved connections to the new promenade area.

A new hotel tower includes space for a Fellini film museum at its base. Its curving form anchors the wider project, while the building extends out to sea along a new 300m long pier, continuing the dialogue between the city and the water and referring to Rimini’s tradition of piers.

The scheme will use new technologies, such as rainwater collection and photovoltaics, to establish a long-term, sustainable commercial and environmental strategy for the town that is balanced with its rejuvenation in the short-term.

Senior Partner, Stefan Behling said of the project:

“We are delighted to submit our proposal to reinvigorate the popular resort of Rimini. This is an exciting opportunity to unite the town with its seafront and to regenerate the public realm.”

waterfront design for rimini

waterfront design for rimini

waterfront design for rimini

Source : FosterAndPartners via Inhabitat

Save On Electricity With The High-Efficiency Electric Panel Whole Room Heater

During colder weather, we have nothing to do but to turn on our heaters, if you are worried about the electricity, High-Efficiency Electric Panel Whole Room Heater from Eco-heater will keep us warm while saving on our electricity use. The heater can be wall mounted and has the ability to warm up a room of up to 120 square feet. The convection technology made this wall mounted heater and energy efficient one. The technology allows the heater to circulate warm air naturally. [Click here for more information about the High-Efficiency Electric Panel Whole Room Heater]

High-Efficiency Electric Panel Whole Room Heater

This room heater is safe for use even with kids and pets around. It has the hard wire or plug in and a simple on and off switch. If you are worried about the heater ruining the beauty of your home décor, you do not have to because; this heater can be painted to match with your home interior and furniture pieces with ease. Installing the heater is easy breezy too because of the mounting kit included in the package when you purchase. Measuring 23 ¼ x 23 ¼ by 3/8 inches, the heater will surely works great keeping your room warm. If you do not have a heater in your home yet or want to have an additional one, the High-Efficiency Electric Panel Whole Room Heater can be the perfect heater for you. [Click here for more information about the High-Efficiency Electric Panel Whole Room Heater]

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