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Creative Recycled PET Bottles

Pet bottles are now commonly used in almost all of our drinking water, soda, energy drinks, juices and more. However, recycling them never come into our minds. After drinking our favorite drinks, we normally throw it and care nothing about it anymore. Various ways of recycling is now being introduced by recycline. If you got to look at the pictures, no one would ever imagine that a used PET bottle can be this beautiful when recycled and designed. I love to see products like this. The zeitungshalter look so nice, for it will keep your magazines and newspapers in order. The vase also looks nice and the coin bank’s design is exceptionally nice.

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Recycled PET

Source: Recycline via Noquedanblogs

Sac Accordeon Paper Bag By Justin Lyn

Green products are now really becomes a trend. We have heard a lot about recycling things to create another brand new products or products made from sustainable materials. With the Sac Accordeon, student designer Justin Lyn was able to make it a eco-friendly one using paper for easy disposal. The Sac Accordion can also expand to accommodate more content when needed without compromising its stylish look and durability. Available in white color, I must say that this green product can be your perfect companion whatever the kind of surrounding or environment you have, may you have simple or elegant and classy people around you.

Sac Accordeon Paper Bag

Source: Packaging Uqam

Keerti Design’s Farm House Design In Bangalore

Eco architecture design can be expensive sometime especially if the designer or architect is into expensive sustainable tools like solar panels, windmills, and the like. However, I still believe that we can create a sustainable architectural design in an affordable way just like what the Farmhouse design in Bangalore by Keerti Designs has. Aside from the house being located in a farm, thus, occupants will have a close encounter with nature, it is also made of stones seen in the house surroundings. This only means that, the designer as well as the house owners spends less with the materials and the transportation of the materials, because obviously it is widely available within the area.

Bangalore Farmhouse

Source: Keerti Design

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