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The MIT Soft Rockers: Enjoy Outdoor Fun While Charging Your Gadgets With Clean Energy

Outdoor lounging is fun and lounging in an eco-friendly fashion is even more fun. The MIT Soft Rockers is an outdoor lounging solution at first glance. However, this one of a kind rocker will not only allow you to lounge but also will let you recharge yourself and your electronic gadget with clean energy. The rocker collects solar energy at daytime through its solar tracking system of 1.5 axis 35 watt and stores the collected energy in a 12 ampere-hour battery. The rocker is stylish enough o be part of your landscape, as it has the leaf like shape with some catchy illumination.

Soft Rockers

Source: ARTS

Sac Accordeon Paper Bag By Justin Lyn

Green products are now really becomes a trend. We have heard a lot about recycling things to create another brand new products or products made from sustainable materials. With the Sac Accordeon, student designer Justin Lyn was able to make it a eco-friendly one using paper for easy disposal. The Sac Accordion can also expand to accommodate more content when needed without compromising its stylish look and durability. Available in white color, I must say that this green product can be your perfect companion whatever the kind of surrounding or environment you have, may you have simple or elegant and classy people around you.

Sac Accordeon Paper Bag

Source: Packaging Uqam

Four Tier Bamboo Shelf Organizes As It Keeps The Environment Safe

The use of bamboo is common when it comes to saving the environment and having a Four Tier Bamboo Shelf is as great as having the most elegant shelf at home. The best thing about owning this eco-friendly shelf is that, you only did not get the chance to enjoy a Tiki inspired furniture piece. If you are one of those who love to have a tiki-themed home interior design and feel like being on the beach all the time, owning this lovely shelf is perfect. [Click here for more information about Four Tier Bamboo Shelf]

Four Tier Bamboo Shelf

Four Tier Bamboo Shelf

Another thing you will love most about this shelf is the four shelves that are spacious enough for your items like books, magazines, frames, and other decorative items. Measuring 53 inches in height by 26 inches in width and 12 inches in depth, the bamboo shelf measures just enough or your home. It surely is not too small nor too big for your home. Featuring a bamboo construction, the shelf does not only looks good but also it surely is strong and sturdy to hold the weight of your items. The eco-friendly feature of the shelf does not end with the use of bamboo but its ability to save space. The Four Tier Bamboo Shelf can be folded down easily when not in use allowing you to store it easily. [Click here for more information about Four Tier Bamboo Shelf]

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