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SoloPower: A Rollable Solar Panels

We all know that one way of saving from your energy usage and help save the environment is by the use of solar panels. We have seen different solar panel models and they came in different sizes. Today, another unique solar panels are coming our way to help us save the environment and lower down our energy usage in a more comfortable way with the creation of the SoloPower. The SoloPower is unlike the traditional bulky solar panels that we see. Indeed, it has rollable solar panels, thus all you have to do is to rolled them out on your roof or garden to use.



Via: Hometone

The Sole Power Tile By SRS Energy

Integrating solar power into our homes means putting those huge and bulky solar panels on top of our roofs. However, captures this will never be the issue anymore with the wonderful creations of SRS energy called The Sole Power Tile. Unlike the traditional bulky solar panels, the Sole is designed to seamlessly integrate this eco-friendly roof tiles with the traditional roofing. As a result, the Sole sunlight and convert it into a cost-effective electricity without the need to compromise style. The Sole is not only an eco-product because of its ability to collect sunlight and turns into a useful energy, but also it is made of lightweight recycled plastic tiles.

The Sole Solar Tiles

The Sole Solar Tiles

Source: SRS Energy via Green Upgrader

The Original Tree Swing: Fun And Eco-friendly

It is refreshing and relieving to have strong connection with the environment. The Original Tree Swing is a tool for outdoor fun that will let your connect with nature. As you swing under the tree, you will get refreshed as the cool breeze of summer touches your skin. Other than that, the Original Tree Swing is handmade and uses materials that are sustainable sourced. Makers of the original tree swing are in connection with Wood from the Hood that reclaims woods otherwise they will be destined to dumpsites. With products like this, keeping the environment safe will be a lot easier. In addition, you get to have fun in an eco-friendly way.

Tree Swing

Source: The Original Tree Swing

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