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Crushed Bamboo Kitchen: Oh So Lovely And Oh So Eco-friendly

I have always wanted to redesign our kitchen. I keep window-shopping on those kitchen designs showcased in a mall every weekend. I always checked the design, the positioning of each part, and the materials to be used. Until I found this lovely design from Jesco Jan Gerischer and in an instant, it catches my attention. With the name itself, it surely is an eco-friendly one. Bamboo is a sustainable source of material, thus using this in your kitchen design will never harm the environment. In the addition, the kitchen design itself is so lovely. With all the large cabinets and drawers, you surely will have enough space in keeping your kitchenwares, utensils, and all in place.

Crushed Bamboo Kitchen

Crushed Bamboo Kitchen

Crushed Bamboo Kitchen

Crushed Bamboo Kitchen

Source: Jesco Jan Gerischer

Haussmann Eco-friendly Spa Stool In Natural And Food-safe Teak Oil Finish For The Environmentalist In You

We all want a safe place to live and we can achieve it easily if we just know and aware of our carbon emission and how we can reduce it by using eco-friendly products similar to Haussmann Eco-friendly Spa Stool that comes in natural and food-safe teak oil finish. This eco-friendly piece of furniture for your spa will definitely works perfectly fine at home. With a dimension of 18 inches in length by 12 inches in width by 16 inches in height, this lovely spa stool from Haussmann is made from sustainably farmed teak wood from Thai Royal Forestry Department, making it an eco-friendly stool ideal to those who are into helping save the environment through their own little ways.

Haussmann Eco-friendly Spa Stool

Another eco-friendly feature of the stool is it being hand doweled. This only means that no electricity and less carbon emission are used to dowel the stool. Because the stool is high resistant to water, this is a perfect piece for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, water flows off easily on the stool, thus you can also use it in your bathroom and even in pools, garden, patio and sink areas where you want a dry and comfortable stool. The straight design of the stool made it not only eco-friendly but also clean and sleek to be in your spa or home’s modern interiors. CLICK HERE to learn more about Haussmann Eco-friendly Spa Stool and be the first to experience its beauty, style and sustainability.

Electric Mini Cooper Coming in 2009

Gas prices in the market are really high, that’s why car manufacturers did not stop developing a car that will serve as an alternative on our current model that slurp large amount of gases daily. Just like the new all MINI Cooper electric car by BMW. This car is in compliance to California’s strict emission regulations, wherein car manufacturers are required to build and release zero emission vehicles in the state.

This new MINI Cooper electric car will let people save a lot, for they will not be purchasing the ever high priced gases anymore. However, its sad to know that BMW will only release a limited number of these electric cars.

electric mini cooper 2009

electric mini cooper 2009

electric mini cooper 2009

via Inhabitat

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