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The House Arc By Joseph Bellomo

Building a home is now becoming affordable, easy and sustainable. The House Arc by Joseph Bellomo is just one of the great examples of today’s prototype. The designer’s successful Bike Arc inspires this wonderful modular house, and is designed for off-grid living.

This modular home is made from tubular steel armature and is seated above the ground via concrete piers or on a wood deck. The modules will then be sheathed with a translucent polycarbonate plastic and coated with a photovoltaic film, which resulting this modular house to be an eco-friendly one.

The photovoltaic film will now be responsible to power the house lighting and its appliances. The eco-friendly feature of this modular house includes its design of being lightweight for an easy and cheaper transportation.

In addition, the modules are also designed for easy additions and extension whenever needed, and the design made the House Arc a perfect shelter for emergency purposes and those low-income families.

Aside from those mentioned green features above, the House Arc also has the unique design which is new to the eyes and the interiors requires some design ingenuity to make it even more attractive and intriguing to the potential users just like how the prototype looks like.

House Arc

House Arc

House Arc

House Arc

Source: Bike Arc via Inhabitat

Help Reduce Waste And Use Products Like Reclaimed Barnwood High Headboard Bed Sets

Reclaimed Barnwood High Headboard Bed Sets made reducing waste an easy thing to. We all know that to help save the environment, reducing waste is one of the best things we can offer. We can reduce waste by patronizing reusable products. On the other hand, products made from recycled, reclaimed or upcycled materials also help us promote the act of reducing waste. In this way, materials that are bound to be in our landfills will be minimized for they are given a new life through a new product produced.

This eco-friendly high headboard bed sets are not only using reclaimed wood to help save the environment but also each piece of this eco-friendly bedroom furniture is exceptionally handmade to order. Therefore, it uses no machine at all and produce minimal to zero carbon emission making our air clean and free from pollution during the entire production process of this bed set.

Reclaimed Barnwood High Headboard Bed Sets

The woods used in this headboard bed set are rescued from captivating barns throughout the South. It comes with nail holes and knots that increase the product value. Even though the materials used in the production of this headboard bed sets are vintage and reclaimed, they are all treated to ensure cleanliness. One more thing, each piece of the headboard bed set is not stored in a warehouse, thus it is dust free. If you are into products that can help save the environment, you can never go wrong with this wonderful creation that comes in various sizes and dimensions. The twin bed set has a dimension of 85 inches by 47 inches width for the bed frame, full has a dimension of 85 inches by 62 inches width for the frame, queen has a dimension of 85 inches by 64 inches width, and king with a dimension of 85 inches by 84 inches width. All sizes boasts of a 62.5 inches headboard height and an underbed clearance of 7.5 inches. [Click here to purchase your new eco-friendly Reclaimed Barnwood High Headboard Bed Sets]

Reclaimed Barnwood High Headboard Bed Sets

The Bike Lamp By Ignacio Ojanguren Alvarez

Riding a bicycle is definitely a green act as it produces zero emission and consumes no energy to get moving. Designer Ignacio Ojanguren Alvarez give the eco-friendly a new purpose with his wonderful project called the Bike Lamp. In order to light the lamp, someone should be riding and start peddling the bike. This design really shows sustainability, for as long as somebody’s riding the bike, the lamp will surely light up. Peddling the bike will definitely be a great exercise for everyone who wanted to be physically fit while contributing something to the environment in his or her own little way.

Bike Lamp

Bike Lamp

Bike Lamp

Via: Designboom

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