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ERGO CONCEPT: A Lovely Looking Solar Lamp

We have heard so much about solar lamps already and majority of them catches every environmentalists as well as those want to help save the earth’s attention. This time, the Filipina product development consultant Vina Domingo from the Philippines has shown some care to the environment. Comes in an ergonomic shape and design, the ERGO CONCEPT can be placed in various positions and comes with a removable stand and fabric strand. The moment this product will be produced and made available in the market, this will surely allow every Filipino to save some amount of money in their electricity use while keeping the environment safe.



Source: Vina Domingo

PlanToys PlanCity Series Eco Street Accessories: A Toy For Your Little Environmentalist

It is a good idea to teach our kids being kind to the environment in as early as when they are young and we can do it easily by giving them some environment related toys like the PlanToys PlanCity Series Eco Street Accessories. It may be a toy but the concept of it surely will teach kids and adult alike on how to keep the environment safe. The Eco-street accessories are just one of the many parts that one can own to complete his or her PlanCity series of toys. The toy is designed to enhance a kid’s imagination whilst promoting physical and intellectual development. In addition, the toys also let the children practice the “Three R’s” of green living including Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

the PlanToys PlanCity Series Eco Street Accessories

You will never be wrong with this toy because Plan Toys carefully incorporates their thoughtful design and challenges appropriate to the player or kid’s age to stimulate creativity. The eco street accessories will not only let the children enjoy playing but also it will teach them many things, including transportation and green living. The eco-street accessories has different environment caring related items included like planters, street lights with solar panels on top, signage like bike and proper waste disposal and many more. With this toy at home, you little one will definitely enjoy and the same time learns about the environment and probably the things around us. Click Here, be the first to own PlanToys PlanCity Series Eco Street Accessories this eco-friendly and educational toy, and teach your kids the three R ’s of green living.

Household Recycling System for Easier Waste Classifications

Most of the cities today are requiring every household to classify their wastes accordingly. Wastes are categorized as biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Some categorized it as toxic and non-toxic, while other categorized it as wet and dry. Categorizing wastes may require every household to have various containers for each category, and it takes a lot of space in your kitchen. The Household Recycling System will now eliminate this kind of problem in every homeʼs kitchen. A product has a sleek and elegant design, yet has the ability of accommodating wastes of various classifications. It will not just add some beauty in your kitchen, but also will save from space and categorized your wastes accordingly as well.

household recycling system

household recycling system

household recycling system

Source : Thomas Deckert via EcoFriend

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