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Hand Your Hope to Yu Shu Earthquake with y-town

Another eco-friendly submission and this time, it is from Y-town. They have created a stylish yet eco-friendly product that has the aim to call the public’s attention to the rescue action. In addition, the laptop sleeve is perfect for your activities outside. What could better express hope than a helping hand?

Created by design team y-town, the portable laptop case is a visual interpretation of Hand Your Hope, a response to the funding and aid for Yu Shu Earthquake. The item, aims to raise public attention to the rescue action, is designed with the engraved pattern of a helping hand and made of eco-plastic. The green color is a symbol of hope and second life. The profit will be donated to the One Foundation to help orphan school in Yu Shu.

About y-town
y-town was founded in 2007, Shanghai.
Launching product collections such as the y-town Recycled Project, Jiu Jie and Dual Color Sun Glasses, the designer brand has been defining its experimental and avant-garde identity via attention to everyday life, material aesthetics and social responsibility. The brand philosophy—rethink, redesign and reuse, is injected into every item from gift, stationary, accessory to furniture.

The team, lead by design director Jamy Yang, are winner of more than 20 design prizes. The products have been presenting in exhibitions worldwide and are part of the Red Dot Design Museum collection.

Eco-laptop Case

Let’s give our hands to the rescue effort!
Exclusive item in Yoka online.

About Hand Your Hope Laptop Case
• Surprising texture and tactile feeling.
• Good flexibility, anti-vibration and –collision.
• Good ventilation for cooling; easy to clean and maintain.
• Unique seaming edge design, no losing stitch.
• Eco-plastic

Eco-laptop Case

Improved Ceramic Filter For Rural Household

Potpaz is a water treatment used by sixty-five South African housesholds and has been proven of having an aspect of its design that needs to be modified for the improvement of the water filter that suits for its intended use in rural areas. With the desire to help the South African Households, the Improved Ceramic Filter for rural househods is created, a more usable and suitable product compared to the existing product, the Potpaz. If ever the improved ceramic filter will be produced, it will provide rural households potable drinking water for their family using the well designed and easy to use product.

Improved Ceramic Filter

Source: Aspen Design

Unique Recycled Chiquita Chandelier

Who would ever think that the known Chiquita boxes that are used to pack bananas can also be a good chandelier. Well, you heard it right. Dutch designer has come to an idea of recycling the banana box packaging into an unique chandelier. Not all of the products maybe good to see because of the prints; however, the idea of recycling it has is excellent. The designer have come into various designs, and the results are good and brings out the creativity she has. The design is based on the Chiquita prints and come up with a very nice design that looks so nice.

recycled chiquita chandelier

recycled chiquita chandelier

Source : Anne Jakobs

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