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Dell’s Computer with Eco Friendly Bamboo Case

We just listened in on Dell CEO Michael Dell’s speech at the Fortune Green conference, during which he showed off a “never before seen” eco-inspired computer with a bamboo casing. Dell said the computer is 81 percent smaller than a standard desktop, uses 70 percent less power and is filled with recycled materials like old bottles, milk jugs and detergent cases. While Dell wouldn’t give the name of the bamboo box, he said the product would come out later this year and would likely range in price between $500 and $700. Check out our pictures of the ecoputer.

dell bamboo case

dell bamboo eco friendly case

dell bamboo green tech case

Source : earth2tech

Peugeot+, Smaller and Safer

Another space saver, hybrid prototype has been designed and will soon be on our busy streets. From the idea of designer David Vargas, who designed the three-wheel eco vehicle for Peugeot Design, the prototype was called the Peugeot+. This chic looking two-seater vehicle uses a smaller electric engine compared to most cars of the same sizes. To attain better stability, the designer decided to add a third wheel. The Peugeot+ is perfect for crowded cities with parking space problems. This vehicle might be smaller than a car, but this is way far safer than a scooter. With the Peugeot+’s modern and elegant design, this vehicle will surely be a big hit in the future.

peugeot plus three wheeled eco vehicle

peugeot plus three wheeled eco vehicle

peugeot plus three wheeled eco vehicle

via TrendHunter

M.A.R.S. : Wind Turbine From Magenn Power

I am obviously excited to avail of this wind turbine from Magenn Power. Obviously, this will save us from the high gas prices. However, I am doubtful if this is available for individual consumers like us. I have a feeling that this is available for corporation or groups. By they way, it is still a helpful step to save from gas. Maybe household owners will just form a group to avail this turbine and have it distributed in each household. I find it very helpful to individuals, I just wish that this turbine is allowed to be install here in our place.

magenn power wind power

magenn power wind power

magenn power wind power

Source : Magenn Power via GoGreenSolar

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