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Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards From BambooSK8

BambooSK8 offers you ecologically friendly sustainable boards which are 100% bamboo. They have manufactured a variety of sustainable skateboards and longboards for green conscious skateboarders. All of their longboards are made from the finest bamboo with artistic work geared toward our environment, moreover all components on the boards are made in USA.

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

From : BambooSK8

Dell Goes Hybrid with Its New Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop

Being hippie and earth friendly is now easy to achieve. If think being earth friend will sacrifice your chance of being hippie, you are wrong. With Dell Studio Hybrid Mini-PC is the hippest and the coolest PC I have ever seen. This mini-pc is perfect for homes and colleges with minimal space. The Dell Mini-Pc is 80 percent smaller than the standard desktop and uses 70 percent less power. In addition to that, the Dell Mini-Pcʼs packaging is 95 percent recyclable, plus a system recycling kit is also included in the features of this Mini-Pc from Dell. Now who would say that being hippie and earth friendly is not possible?

dell studio hybrid desktop pc

dell studio hybrid desktop pc

Text from the website :

New Studio Hybrid PC: Ultra-Small, Colorfully Stylish, “Green”
· Puts the PC back on the desktop, or the countertop, or the bookshelf, or the entertainment center
· New Inspiron PCs include sub-$800 13-inch laptop

ROUND ROCK, Texas, July 29, 2008 — Dell’s smallest, most personalized and most environmentally responsible consumer PC, the Studio Hybrid, launches today. Available immediately at, the PC’s new unique shape and size, personalized with six external jewel-toned color or bamboo finish options, unleashes stylistic expression, inspiration and fun and looks great in any room.

Dell also unveiled two new Inspiron PCs, including the Inspiron 13, a sleek and stylish sub‑$800 13-inch laptop perfect for students heading back to school, available starting next week at Wal-Mart. The Inspiron 518 desktop, available immediately at, is designed for everyday family multi-media activities, be it catching up on favorite TV shows via the Internet, playing online games, and storing and accessing music playlists and digital images.

dell studio hybrid desktop pc

“The design and craftsmanship of the Studio Hybrid alone are enough to cause you to do a double take,” Michael Tatelman, vice president, global consumer sales and marketing. “Combine that with the performance of this little beauty and its environmentally smart DNA, and you’ve got something truly unique – something that you can make your own.”

Studio Style, Energy Efficient

As with Dell’s recently announced Studio laptops, the Studio Hybrid was designed to enhance personal expression and creative living. Dell’s smallest desktop PC, about the size of a collegiate dictionary, can fit just about anywhere. Depending on the location or decor, the Studio Hybrid can be set up in a vertical or horizontal orientation, and be personalized with a choice of seven optional, interchangeable external finishes or color sleeves: Bamboo, Emerald, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Slate, and Topaz.

dell studio hybrid desktop pc

With a starting price of $499, the petite PC has the performance to take on the digitally enlightened user’s everyday activities like creating mash-ups, content for personal web pages, editing and uploading videos and digital photo albums. The Studio Hybrid is at home in the living room, fitting easily into entertainment centers, and connecting to HDTVs via a standard HDMI port. When paired with an optional wireless keyboard, people can easily flip back and forth from watching a favorite broadcast TV show or sporting event to checking online stats, sending email, looking at digital pictures, etc. on the TV. Customers can configure a Studio Hybrid with variety of optional technologies and peripherals to make it truly unique, like:

· Optional Wi-Fi networking – allows people to place the PC anywhere that’s convenient for them.

· Optional wireless keyboard and mouse help ensure a clean desktop, counter top or coffee table.

· Optional Blu-Ray Disc drive for watching high-definition DVDs.

· Optional TV tuner that enables users to watch, pause and record live TV.[i]

“Our goal was to design a desktop that fits in the office or in the living room, or anywhere space is at a premium,” said Michael Scheschuk, desktop product marketing. “We’ve created a desktop PC category that combines style, performance and a high degree of energy efficiency.”

dell studio hybrid desktop pc

The Dell Studio Hybrid is about 80 percent smaller than the typical desktop minitower, and uses up to 70 percent less energy. In addition to being extremely energy efficient and Energy Star 4.0 compliant, the Studio Hybrid’s unique packaging was designed to be environmentally responsible:

· Reduced packing materials 30 percent by weight.

· Packing materials are also 95 percent recyclable.

· Reduced printed documentation 75 percent by weight.

· System recycling kit is included.

The Studio Hybrid is available today on and will be featured in select retailers later this fall.

Source : Dell via Gizmodo

Concept Ice Vehicle for Antartic Expedition by Lotus Explores Antartica

CIV or the Concept Ice Vehicle is a product concept of the creative minds of Kieron Bradley that gained experience in designing formula 1 racecar chassis before plunging in and lead on the CIV built as a manned scout rover for a trans-Antartic expedition. The CIV engine, which is the supercharged BMW 1150 that has been adapted to run on biofuel, made it eco friendly. Its propulsion system is via propeller and the 800lb vehicle has a speed of 84mph, which is obviously to notch. In addition, the CIV is a cross between Ultra light and snowmobile and the machine is equipped with an Ice Penetrating Radar or the IPR.

Ice Vehicle

Ice Vehicle

Ice Vehicle

via GreenUpgrader

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