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City Rain: Green Video Game Theme Released By Ovolo

Living green is now possible even to people who are technically inclined like those who spend their lives most of the time with technologies like video games. Ovolo has submitted their green video game themes to igreenspot and igreen is happy to spread the news. Surely, many would love to play City Rain.

Press Release:
City Simulation Videogame with Green Sustainable Themes Released by Ovolo
December 7, 2009, Montreal , Canada – The Ovolo Corporation in Montreal announced the release of “City Rain,” a new groundbreaking videogame that merges exciting innovative gameplay with information about urban planning and environmental sustainability. City Rain is a puzzle and simulation game that educates players about green city planning and conservation of our natural resources. City Rain is available now as a free trial and for purchase at:

“As a fan of both SimCity™ and Tetris®, I immediately fell in love with City Rain based on its fun reference to those two classic games, but also because it introduces a meaningful and relevant purpose that educates players on how to think about creating ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ cities and communities,” said Alexandre Renaud, founder of Ovolo Corporation and executive producer for City Rain. Among the eco-friendly elements incorporated into the game are green roof technology, renewable energy, filter technology and biofuel. The game is part of the 1% For the Planet initiative, which means one percent of all sales is donated to a network of 1,867 environmental organizations worldwide.

The Brazilian student development team Mother Gaia Studios developed the original City Rain concept game. It won several awards in 2008 and 2009 including Games for Change , France 2008Imagine Cup and The Independent Games Festival Student Showcase. Spotting the game’s value, Ovolo decided to revamp the game and give the concept an extra push to educate a widespread videogame audience about environmental issues. The new City Rain storyline allows players to rescue cities and reorganizing them to be green sustainable Metropolises. Players must rescue cities that are being ‘black listed’ from the World Environment Protection Agency by quickly making decisions and re-organizing urban developments that will make cities more sustainable and ‘green.’

About City Rain:
In City Rain, you play as a member of an elite environmental Swat Force in charge of restructuring cities before they are penalized by the World Environment Protection agency. City Rain is an action-packed, yet eco-friendly, green city simulation puzzle. This new version of City Rain is now available for DRM free digital download for USD$9.95. It is also available at and the XBOX Live Indie marketplace.

For Press

Screen shots, package images and logos are available on the City Rain PRESS page:

About Ovolo Corporation, Inc.
Established in 2009, Ovolo Corporation publishes interactive video games through micro marketing practices that introduce ‘games with purpose’ to audiences worldwide. With a business focus on publishing casual, strategy, board, mobile, and portable games, Ovolo seeks out new global game development business partners. The company proudly differentiates itself by offering more than just a basic supplier role through real and lasting partnerships, mutual cooperation, and responsibility to achieve the best possible sales performance for all game products. Learn more about Ovolo Corporation, Inc. and partnership opportunities at:

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City Rain

City Rain

City Rain

City Rain

City Rain

City Rain

City Rain

City Rain

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Bamboo Pebbles by Bambu

Pebbles are great tool as an interior design. With various colors, there is no doubt that people would love to have pebbles as one their centerpieces. Having beautiful interior design, wonderful displays at home can also be possible with the wonderful Bamboo Pebbles by Bambu. Created out of Bambu’s left over from their cutting boards and solid ware pieces, the bamboo pebbles is made from a 100 percent organically –grown bamboo and a non-toxic adhesive. Reminiscent of the renowned smooth and well-worn river rocks, the bamboo pebbles looks as well as those rocks. What makes it better than those river rocks; it is made of waste and leftover thus an eco-friendly one.

Bamboo Pebbles

Bamboo Pebbles

Source: Branch

iWood Aviator Sunglasses

How to protect your eyes from the sun without harm our planet. iWood aviator sunglasses can solve that issues. With its retro style, you can choose from in a variety of woods, very stylish. This aviator sunglasses are handmade from harvested wood, and the temple and lenses are imported from Italy. Completely hypoallergenic and 100 percent UVA/UVB lenses to protect you from the sunlight, yet without exposing you to anything else harmful.

iwood sun glasses

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