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Solar Technology: Completes An Eco-friendly House Design

Save on electricity, fight global warming, and make the world a better place to live. These are just a few of the aims that people want to achieve in creating and designing eco-friendly homes. We can find homes claims to be eco-friendly and features different green features. Some have rainwater collecting system to save on water consumption, some uses recycled materials minimized the increase of landfills, and others are installing windmills to collect wind energy and the most common of all, the installation of solar panels. Today, another soar-powered home is built and this time around, students from Seminole Vocational Education Center who learned carpentry and electrician skills are the ones constructing the eco-home.

The group is composed of 40 students and they were able to build six wooden houses and all of the six houses are equipped with solar panels that produces electricity that is capable enough of running a light a fan.

Soalr Powered Home

Soalr Powered Home

Via: Solar Feeds and Tampa Bay Online

Feel the Comfort of Having a Portable Air Conditioner

Electric fan is the only thing I know to ease the warm feeling temporarily. I never knew there was this thing called the portable air conditioner. Thanks to the internet for educating of such appliances. This portable air conditioner is good for those areas that are small enough to have an air conditioner unit. Aside from that, the portable air conditioner can be of big help to save energy. It is a waste of energy cooling the whole place just to make your current place comfortable. By using a portable air conditioner, cooling only the place where you are, does obviously conserves energy. [Click here for more details about Portable Air Conditioner]

portable air conditioner

portable air conditioner

Solar Powered Bicycle Parking Pods From Penny Farthings Pushbikes

If you are one of those who hates to ride a bike going to school or office because of the instances of getting wet or coming with sweat, you will surely now love to keep your bike with you as long as your destination houses a solar powered bicycle parking pods. Designed by Penny Farthings Pushbikes, these pods are not simply a bike parking pods but also houses change rooms, shower and self-cleaning device that allow you to fix yourself before heading to work or school. This new eco-design will surely solve our current problem of carbon emission. Hope this will be available worldwide.

Solar Powered Bike Parking Pods

Solar Powered Bike Parking Pods

Source: Penny Farthings Pushbikes via Ecofriend

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