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Toto Eco-Power Sensor Faucet Recharges While You Wash

Toto has always been one of the top selling bathroom fixture makers. Their products are always of top quality and design, just like the new Toto Eco-Power Sensor Faucet. What makes this faucet unique is that. It recharges every time somebody washes and uses it. How does it work? It’s simple. This new faucet of Toto with simple design yet has a complex mechanism inside, is not only a touch-free one, but also it generates its own energy as well through a built-in turbine that is spun by the water every time the faucet releases, and stored the produced energy into a battery pack. It requires at least five users a day to keep it charged.

toto eco power faucet

via HomeTone

China Insurance Group Headquarters by Markus Pilhofer

Another high-rise sustainable building has been built in Shenzhen China. Markus Pilhofer is the one who won first prize for the competition to design the building. The building has great design and enough rooms for the employees. In addition, it also has front wall driven to generate energy, for it has been shaped according to climate conditions and inner functions. The façade includes photovoltaic cells that are responsible in generating energy and cells to reduce excessive wind pressure, shade the sun and provide multi media displays. Moreover, the building is designed to use renewable sources like solar and wind power for an energy efficient function and reduces energy consumption on fossil fuel energy.

Shenzhen Center

Shenzhen Center

Shenzhen Center

Shenzhen Center

Shenzhen Center

Source: Coop Himmelblau via Designboom

Humanscale Cinto Chair is 100% Recyclable

The first ever-stackable office chair I have ever seen is now available for purchase. Manufactured by Humanscale, the Cinto offers great comfort to every user with its flexible backrest even if they are using the chair for a longer period. In addition, it has a sleek design that will give every offices added professionalism and elegance. This chairs can be perfect for conference rooms, waiting area and can also be an executive if desired, since the Cinto is available with and without armrest. With nine colors to choose from, looking for the right match in your office will never be hard with the Cinto.

necon cinto chair

necon cinto chair

From : Humanscale

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