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The Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern Will Let You Save Money And The Environment

Outdoor adventure is fun as it takes you closer to nature and doing along with Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern from Rayovas will not only bring us closer to nature but also it will help us save money and the environment. The outdoor lantern uses four watts LED lights that lasts up to 100,000 hours and don’t need to be replaced, which is obviously a big savings to its users. The LED lights of the lamp can be adjusted to three modes according to your illumination needs.

The three modes options include high, low, and strobe. In addition, the LED lights are 300 lumens lights. When outdoor, you are sure enough that you won’t lose this eco-friendly lantern because it has the red LED light that blinks every five seconds when the lantern is off making it easy for you to find the lantern if you feel like you have misplaced it. [Click here for more information about the Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern]

Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern

The lantern is perfect to use when power is out or when in a remote area where there is no energy source because it is powered by three D alkaline batteries that can last up to 72 hours when the lantern is used in high mode and up to 150 hours when the lantern in used in low mode. If you love adventure and aims to help save the environment, then the Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern is a great choice for your lighting need. [Click here for more information about the Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern]

Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern

Izip EZGO Electric Folding Bike

People are now very aware on how to save our mother nature. Many of us already are having great alternatives for gasoline like using hydrogen for our cars. With all of these ideas, the Izip EZGO folding bike is another excellent way of roaming around without the worries of air pollution. EZGO bike is powered by dual 12v10a SLA batteries and has a 24v 2amp standard charger. Of course, the traditional pedal power is still present. With its maximum speed of 15mph, I am sure you will be at your destination on time. In addition to that, the EZGO bike is a folding bike that can be easily carried out when not in use.

izip ezgo folding electric bike

izip ezgo folding electric bike

[ProductPage] via AlternativeConsumer

Anaconda Gives You The Affordable Wave Power

Power usage and its prices is now drastically rising higher that people can barely afford but they must have to. This will not be a problem anymore in the near future. Anaconda (a giant rubber tube) may possibly present a feasible solution to the challenge of generating electricity from the ocean waves.

The process of producing power started out with one end of an anaconda facing the oncoming waves. When the waves hit it, it squeezes the device, which will cause the formation of a bulge wave. The bulge will now rub through the tube while the wave along the outside of the tube. Afterwards, it will turns a turbine fitted at the end of the device and a power is now being produced and fed to shore through a cable.

anaconda rubber tube

anaconda rubber tube

via Gizmag

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