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Mecanoo Will Soon Build The Sustainable Campus Of Moscow National University

We have been promoting earth friendly products to the public and appear to let our drivers produce zero carbon emission. Today, the most effective place to promote these things will soon be the target of many eco-friendly advocates and designers. To start with, Dutch architectural firm Mecanoo will soon rise the eco-friendly campus of Moscow National University. The school will feature forests and valleys with the central park as the people’s meeting place. What more, the whole campus will be built using locally sourced materials as well as prefabricated materials to reduce energy. Another eco-friendly feature that the Moscow National University will feature include climate walls, thermal heat and cool storage system and rainwater harvesting system that are all helpful in keeping the campus a self-sustaining one.

Moscow National University

Moscow National University

Moscow National University

Source: Mecanoo Architect via Eco-friend

Save The Earth Without Sacrificing Style And Fashion With Your Alchemy Goods Union Backpack

Saving the environment becomes easier these days with the wide availability of various eco-friendly products like the Alchemy Goods Union Backpack. As an eco-friendly item, the bag is made of recycled bike tubes. In this way, there will be less trash for bike tubes or there will be less smoke added to our green house gases produced from burning trashed bike tubes and we all know that this could harm the environment. [Click here to know more about Alchemy Goods Union Backpack]

Alchemy Goods Union Backpack
Alchemy Goods Union Backpack

Other than protecting the environment from possible harm through pollution, you can also use the bag as your helpful tool in keeping your items safe because the back is a water-resistant commuter type of backpack. Therefore, there will be no more wet notebooks, wet books, and the likes. Other than the use of upcycled bicycle inner tubes, the bag also uses an upcycled seatbelt for its straps. All your items are secured when using this eco-friendly bag because it has four internal slip pockets and a zippered front pockets and a rain flap keeping rainwater from soaking your things inside the bag. Measuring 13 inches by 6 inches by 18 inches, the Alchemy Goods Union Backpack is spacious enough for items like your books, notebooks and even your laptop. [Click here to know more about Alchemy Goods Union Backpack]

Alchemy Goods Union Backpack

Nutty Squirrel Pull Toy Will Let Your Kids Enjoy An Eco-friendly Childhood

Today’s toys for our kids are undoubtedly techie and electronic but not the Nutty Squirrel Pull Toy. As its name suggests, this lovely, fun and classical yet modern toy works similar to your classic pull cars in the yester years.

Nutty Squirrel Pull Toy

The Nutty Squirrel Pull Toy will surely let your kids enjoy childhood in a clean and eco-friendly way, as they don’t need to consume energy to let this toy going. All they have to do is to grasp that ball and pull the squirrel whenever they will go. Available in Plastica, the Nutty Squirrel Pull Toy will definitely help keep the environment clean without compromising the fun that our kids can benefit.

Source: Plastica

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