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The Cookie Cup By Enrique Luis Sardi

A coffee cup and a cookie in one is definitely new to each one of us. However, thing like is actually existing thorough Venezuelan design Enrique Luis Sardi’s design called the Cookie Cup. Teaming up with the Italian coffee company Lavazza, the designer has created this one of a kind eco-friendly design. The concept is, one will drink the coffee first then eat the cup right after as a cookie. You might be wondering how it works. The cookie cup is made of pastry that is covered with a special icing sugar that works as an insulator making the cup waterproof.

Cookie Cup

Source: Enrique Luis Sardi via Uqam Packaging

Recyclable USB Drive from EarthDrive

We were amazed hearing this recyclable USB drive available in the market today. The EarthDrive is a flash memory drive that allows each users the ability to maximize their ability to recycle and help save the earth. The physical appearance of the EarthDrive is very fashionable and attractive. In addition to that, the product is easy to use. The EarthDrive has a unique and exclusive ATP feature and is a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and ESD (electro-static-discharge) proof. Using the EarthDrive makes you an eco-friendly, fashionable and tech gadget enthusiast at the same time. We cannot wait to own one of the EarthDrive available in the market.

earth drive recyclable usb drive

Source : EarthDrive

Keep The Bed Bugs Away With The Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover

Keeping the bed bugs away requires no chemical at all if you have the Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover. The cover is bed bug, dust mite, and allergen proof making it a safe bed cover for you and your family members and your best option for bed bug protection. The bed features an EVOLON fabric making it able to create the physical layer that makes it able to protect users from bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens.[Click here for more information about the Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover]

Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover
Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover

The microfilament technology makes breathable enough creating a cotton-like comfort, making it safe for your baby. What make this bed cover not only safe for us but also for the environment is the absence of bleach, therefore, zero chemical that can harm the environment. In addition, the fabric material used for the cover utilizes only environmentally safe stable raw materials and created through a binder-free process. The cover is very durable as well. Even after repeated washings of up to 200 degree Fahrenheit, the cover still has the ability to maintain its performance and efficiency. In addition, you now are worry free about sleeping because the Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover has the evolution encasements that are PVC free and free from chemical post treatments, which is good for the health. .[Click here for more information about the Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover]

Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover
Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover
Sleep Safe Mattress ZipCover

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