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Use Facebook As Your New Tool For Recycling

Since Facebook is now at its pedestal of success with millions of users worldwide, why not use it as a tool in helping save the environment? Maybe for a change, we can use Facebook for the benefit of the environment instead of just sharing funny videos and crappy photos with the help of BinCam, who have created a device in the form of a cellular phone that will entice you to recycle. This one of a kind device has a program attached to your trash can’s lid and has the ability to snap photos by the time you throw in something and immediately uploads it to your Facebook wall. The program will then tell you how much money you were able to save on your recycling or food waste habits as well will compare you recycling habits with your friends. BinCam will also gives you online rewards if you continued to show your good recycling behavior.

BinCam Recycling

BinCam Recycling

BinCam Recycling

Source: BinCam via Inhabitat


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