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The PelaJ Lamp: An Jelly-inspired Eco-friendly Lamp

Eco-friendly product designs of today do not focus on its sustainability anymore but also to its aesthetics. More and more eco-product designs now come with eye-catching and elegant aesthetics. The PelaJ Lamp from Studio Bricks is just a few of the examples of today’s modern and sustainable product designs.

Connected to power supply, this lamp functions as a conventional lamp. Once unplugged, the phosphorescent fiber that composes PelaJ releases the light from bulb and / or daylight. Made up only 4 elements, its disassembly is simple. Disk and fiber are recyclable. PelaJ is inspired by the jellyfish Pelagia, marine organism having the ability to glow in the dark. As a manifesto project, PelaJ is a symbol of our relationship to energy and its consumption.

PelaJ Lamp

PelaJ Lamp

PelaJ Lamp

Source: Bricks Studio


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