Solar Energy

Ponto: An Eco-friendly Water Transport Vehicle

Water transport is common worldwide and we all know the water transport like ships produce carbon emission every time they travel. With caring the environment in mind, designer Yulya Besplemennova designed the Pronto water transport. This environment-friendly water vehicle uses hybrid diesel and paddle wheel that are sustainable enough for daily use. The Pronto has …

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Design and Concept Recycle

Eco Urinal: A Water Saver Urinal

We have seen numerous designs for eco-friendly bathroom fixtures already including eco-friendly urinal. However, the Eco Urinal by designer Yeongwoo Kim is interesting enough to catch an environmentalist’s attention. The Eco Urinal has a built-in sink on top for washing purposes. By the time men, wash their hands (everyone washes hands after peeing isn’t it?) …

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Fashion Packaging

“Gen-U-Ine” Pine Gift Box

Discover the super cute packaging that can be use to pack your gifts to your love ones and friends. It can carry small items like a necktie, scarf or hankies. The Gen-u-ine is made of wood, polished to make it more presentable. Its sleek design adds the beauty of every gift. Do not consider gift …

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Interior Design

Eco Deco Collection from Amin Design

Place your electronic equipments passively to the new eco deco collection. A cabinet full of elegance that is perfectly suits every contemporary home’s living room. The Eco Deco collection, designed by Bouchti Amin, goes fairly beyond the traditional cabinet, because the Eco Deco collection is not only a cabinet that will hold your appliances, but …

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