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Get The Most Out Of Your Plastic Bottles With The Bionic Yarn

Recycling empty plastic bottles is gaining popularity especially to those environment advocates that want to do something to help save the environment through creating products from recycled plastic bottles like the Bionic Yarn. The Bionic Yarn is actually a company that at the same time is processing recycled plastic bottles and turns it into fibers …

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Recycle Traveling Yacht

Sail Sustainably With The Plastiki

Made of approximately 12,000 reclaimed whole plastic bottle, the Plastiki is an environment friendly masterpiece from environmentalist David de Rothschild together with some handpicked scientist. The highly pressurized recycled plastic bottles consists the 60-foot Plastiki Catarman. Aside from the recycled plastic bottles, the catarman’s masts are also made of reclaimed aluminum irrigation pipes and the …

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Found By Oscar Diaz

With the aim to provide elegant and stylish cutlery whilst helping saving the environment, London based designer Oscar Diaz has come-up into a green cutlery design called Found. Found is a stylish cutlery made from recycled plastic bottles and are coated with metal. After each piece is formed and cut from a plastic bottle, it …

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