Solar Energy

SoloPower: A Rollable Solar Panels

We all know that one way of saving from your energy usage and help save the environment is by the use of solar panels. We have seen different solar panel models and they came in different sizes. Today, another unique solar panels are coming our way to help us save the environment and lower down …

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Wattson: Monitors Energy Usage

Saving on our energy usage is hard especially if we do not know how to monitor our daily usage straight from our electric meter. There is no need to worry now because the Wattson is here to save us. Like your electric meter, the Wattson will also monitor your electric usage, thus this device will …

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Solar Energy Yacht

Aliz: An Eco-luxury Yacht

Cruising is always a great way of spending some time to relax and unwind. We all know that cruising has a huge expense attached to it particularly the energy usage of the yacht or cruise line, which is obvious not that favorable with nature. Today, designer Heather Witkop has created the Aliz, a luxury yacht …

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