SeaKettle: A Life Saving Gadget With A Desalination Process Incorporated

We have heard of various tragic stories about people being stranded at seas and died because dehydration due to lack of fresh and clean drinking water. This incident will soon be prevented when the SeaKettle will be produced. The SeaKettle is a life raft that has that has an incorporated desalination process that produces 3 liters of safe and fresh drinking water. The desalination process starts by pumping seawater towards the reservoir, let heat do the evaporation and as the condensation process stars, the water will then be collected and ready for use. This life saving project I think can also be a perfect tool for areas suffering from water shortage.








Designer : Kim Hoffman


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  • like the prototype model

  • Thank you for sharing this great post about the SeaKettle, which is a project of an Academy of Art alum. We are very proud of Kim and all the hard work and innovation she has put into this life-saving design. More information about her project can be found at…. It would mean a lot to us if you could post a link to the news article, which also describes some of her achievements as a student at the academy.

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