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Sail Sustainably With The Plastiki

Made of approximately 12,000 reclaimed whole plastic bottle, the Plastiki is an environment friendly masterpiece from environmentalist David de Rothschild together with some handpicked scientist. The highly pressurized recycled plastic bottles consists the 60-foot Plastiki Catarman. Aside from the recycled plastic bottles, the catarman’s masts are also made of reclaimed aluminum irrigation pipes and the …

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Recycle Traveling

Carry You’re The Eco-friendly Way

When traveling, luggage is our best friend. Here is where we place our clothing and other important things needed during our travel. Generally, known and stylish luggages are made from top quality first hand materials. However, today, travels can already do their part in saving the environment with the eco-friendly luggage design by Chiara Goose …

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Enso By Zack Stephanchick

Cruising over the calm seas has never been so relaxing if done with a luxurious and eco-friendly yacht like the Enso Catamaran by Zack Stephanchick. This catamaran allows everyone to be with the world while keeping the environment safe all the time. The 140” Wingsailed Enso Catamaran got an inspiration from Zen Buddhism and some …

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The Pangolin Backpack From Cyclus

Inspired by the animal known as he Pangoline, the Pangolin backpack has the design that resembles the razor sharp scales on the back part of the spiny pangolin. The backpack is made from recycled tire inner tubes from trucks and is handmade in columbia. Instead of a standard zipper enclosure, the Pangolin Backpack is designed …

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