Yacht Wind Rose: An Eco-Yacht For An Elegant Cruising Experience

Travelling is fun and relaxing, as it will take you away from the busy and tiring life you have in the city. Despite of it being a luxury activity to do, traveling or cruising can also be beneficial to the environment at we cruise on the beaches of our choice. The Yacht Wind Rose by Kaisha Davierwalla is an Eco-yacht featuring a tool that collects solar energy, the solar panels that made up the rood of this stylish Eco-yacht. Other than that, the Yacth Wind Rose is also built with robust body to make it able to withstand on all kind of weather.

Yacht Wind Rose
Yacht Wind Rose

Yacht Wind Rose
Yacht Wind Rose
Yacht Wind Rose
Yacht Wind Rose
Yacht Wind Rose

Source: Kaisha Davierwalla


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  • fantastic looking design, but again it is another yacht designed to sit in a marina looking fabulous rather then going anywhere, which is hardly an environmentally friendly concept considering the embodied carbon in a project like this. For a real attempt at efficient and environmentally friendly motor yachts, take a look at the Dashew FPB64 and soon the FPB97 'Wicked'

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