VELUX: Will Illuminate Your Place Naturally In Style

Do you think it is possible to illuminate your room elegantly in a natural way? With the constant call for battling global warming and with the artistic mind every designer has today, the answer for that question is now a Yes. One great example is the VELUX, an elegant lighting designed that will illuminate your room with natural daylight. Thus, it does not use any electricity to illuminate your room. Then how does it work? Designed by Lovergrove, the VELUX sun tunnel uses sunlight to produce light. On a cloudy day, the VELUX can generate light as much as a traditional 60w electric bulb, so we can expect more on a bright sunny day. However, my question is, how was its performance at night? It is definitely a sustainable and elegant lighting system during the day. However, I wish that it could produce warm and elegant illumination during nighttime as well. Received a design award including the Red Dot Design Award, the elegant design of the VELUX made it a perfect addition to your interior design.



Source: VELUX


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