Unique Home Decors Made of Recycled Pots and Pans

Used and old pots and pans are normally thrown away. However, Paris based designer Gilles Eichenbaum, looks those used pots and pans in a different way. He recycled those items and turn it into a useful and unique home décor products. With this idea of recycling, I am sure nobody would want to throw their used pot and pans anymore. In this way, people will not only save from their home décor expenses but also they have saved our Mother Nature from possible harm caused by mountains of landfills. If you want to do a share why not try patronizing the work of Gilles Eichenbaum or make your own home décor of recycled materials.

Recycled Pots and Pans

Recycled Pots and Pans

Recycled Pots and Pans

Source: Home Tone and Green Upgrader


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