Uber Emergency Shelter When disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, many of our folks became homeless in anyway, and those homeless victims need some comfortable shelter to live in. This situation made the designer Rafael Smith came into the idea of the Uber Emergency Shelter. Very easy to install, and has a solar panels that can accommodate a small refrigerator and illuminates the whole shelter. The materials for uber emergency shelter can be easily shipped on a compact form, and assembles easily too. The only downside it has is that, it can be a bit shaky to materialize especially in an uneven area. In addition, the price of this shelter can be a big question. Will it be affordable enough as an evacuation area?

uber shelter

uber shelter

From the website :

The stackable feature seems a bit shaky to materialize…especially in disaster-struck areas. However, the designer seems to be pretty sure about stacking them up to house more homeless folks. Also the solar panels on the roofs can be swapped with solar powered outer fabric that serves as exterior wall all round the shelter to can absorb sun’s energy from every angle.

uber shelter

uber shelter

uber shelter

uber shelter

uber shelter

Source : Tuvie via EcoFriend


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