ThisWay Bike: for a Convenient Way of Reducing Carbon Emission

Biking can be the cleanest way of transportation. It does not consume any gas to power nor produces gas that causes air pollution. The only downside of using the bicycle as a means of transportation, you are not safe enough when the rain pours down. This is what the Swedish designer Torkel Dohmers is considering that is why he came out with the ThisWay Bike. ThisWay is a unique bicycle design that has a roof intended to protect the cyclist from bad weather like rain and too much heat of the sun. With the comfort that ThisWay may bring, the designer is expecting that more and more people will now be encouraged to go biking. In addition, it also has built-in battery powered LED lights on the front and rear wherein it can be recharged, using the solar cells mounted on the roof.

ThisWay Bike

ThisWay Bike

ThisWay Bike

ThisWay Bike

ThisWay Bike

Source: Torkel Dohmers via Dezeen


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  • can anyone help me with software to design a bicycle that is simple to use, thanks

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