The R-House – A Completely Self-Sufficient Design

The R-House is an amazing design that is completely self-sufficient. It is made of sustainable non-toxic wood and is installed with photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines. The house is pre-fabricated and assembled. It has photovoltaic cells and vertical axis wind turbines that will fulfill the entire energy requirements of the house. In addition, a rain collecting system is also present in R-House located at the center, and a composting toilet or an electrical incinerating toilet that provides a self-contained facility. This super green house has solar heating or natural gases like propane and hydrogen that ensures the supply of the house’s energy requirement for water heating.






Source: Eco Friend


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  • uh – isn’t it going to get kind of wet inside when it rains? I don’t see any glass between the wood slats. I also don’t like the visual obstruction of all those slats – looks like a jail cell. Untreated wood exposed to the elements is not going to last very long – maybe four years if lucky. Interesting but not practical in any sense.

  • Looks interesting. Note the article says nothing about the wood , except that its "sustainable".

  • It doesn't say the wood is untreated

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