The Omega Center: Provides Sustainable Living

Sustainable is now very easy to the point that you can barely notice you are. This is probably because of the various sustainable designs that we can use on our daily lives. The Omega Center by BNIM is another addition to the designs that will help us experience sustainable living. The Omega is an education facility completed by overhauling the wastewater disposal system using different biological methods with the help of an eco-machine. This sustainable facility houses a classroom, laboratory, water garden, and a constructed wetland. The wetland on the other hand has the ability to supply its own energy need using photovoltaic power. Completing the green feature of the Omega center is the passive solar heating that is supplemented by geothermal heating and uses natural ventilation cooling strategy.

Omega Center

Omega Center

Omega Center

Omega Center

Omega Center

Source: BNIM via Designboom


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