The Blow Sofa Will Help You Minimize Landfills

Having a stylish sofa or any other furniture sets at home does always mean to have elegant furniture made of first hand materials. The Blow Sofa from Malaflor is a stylish sofa made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags or air bags. The recycled bags are inflated to form the seat and backrest once placed in a metal rack and tied with a rubber straps to have a snug fit. After the sofa has been formed, one can now have an easy to transport temporary sitting solution at home. Since made of recycled materials, the blow sofa obviously helps out in minimizing our landfills and thus helping save the environment.

Blow Sofa

Blow Sofa

Blow Sofa

Blow Sofa

Blow Sofa

Blow Sofa

Source : Malaflor via Contemporist


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  • Hey, this is a cool sofa. Looks really portable and comfortable. It is stylish too, making it really a perfect sofa for those sofa lovers.

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