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Enjoy What Nature Can Give With Woven Fiber Rattan Style Chest

We are used to having a nightstand and chest made of solid wood but Woven Fiber Rattan Style Chest uses different materials but offers the same function. The rattan style chest from Oriental Furniture is available in four and five drawers giving you enough storage space for your items. The four-drawer chest measures 29 inches tall by 17 wide inches by 13 inches deep while the five-drawer chest measures 37 inches tall by 17 inches wide by 13 inches deep giving you enough and spacious storage. [Click here to get more details on Woven Fiber Rattan Style Chest]

Woven Fiber Rattan Style Chest

Woven Fiber Rattan Style Chest

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Keep Clean And Green With The Woven Banana Leaf Magazine Rack

We all want to help save the environment but only a few of us knows how to do it in a simple way and having the Woven Banana Leaf Magazine Rack at home is just one of the simple ways that we can do to help save the environment. As a magazine rack, this lovely sustainable product can help you keep your items like your magazines, books and other reading materials in order and keep your house clutter free. Banana leaves are normally discarded. Therefore, instead of just tossing it to our landfills, why not make use of it and give these lovely leaves a new life by using it as a useful material in product like a magazine rack that Household Essentials has. [Click here for more information about the Woven Banana Leaf Magazine Rack]

Woven Banana Leaf Magazine Rack

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