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Be Eco-friendly Add Some Deadly Décor And Furniture To Your Home From Then Naval Mines

During the World War II, the Soviets on little Naissaar Island had mass-produced naval mines. The mines are oblong in shape that looks similar to metal pills with around 3 feet in diameter. The mine’s surface have finger-thick extension that looks like blunted insect antenna. Each of the mines packed a 500-pound charge giving it the ability to destroy an armored warship. However, with the excellent work of art, they turned out to be one of your elegant and artistic decors at home. If before they can caused tremor, today, these Naval Mines serve a more humanitarian purpose already as your unique home décor like a fireplace. Now tell me if you still consider naval mines deadly items as it decorates your home with style and uniqueness. You can have them as your stylish bed, fireplace, bathtub, baby carrier, chair, and swing to name a few. The baby carrier can look scary, but this surely will serve as your baby’s comfortable haven.

Naval Mines Home Decor and Furniture

Naval Mines Home Decor and Furniture

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Parachute Tote: An Eco-friendly Stylish Tote Bag

Do you want to e fashionably hip and trendy while helping in saving the environment, then you definitely would love to patronize the Parachute Tote. Made from a re-purpose parachutes issued to the World War II military, the Parachute Tote is lightweight and is collapsible into a small item where users like you can easily have it inserted in a pocket. The bag has two large compartments for your books and is secured by Velcro strips for closure. It also has one small inner pocket for your small items like keys and the like. Since it is collapsible, you can easily have it anywhere anytime and put your purchased items, thus allowing you to not use those plastic shopping bags that are obviously a threat to the environment.

Parachute Tote

Parachute Tote

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